A multi-nation search operation was mounted to try to locate the submarine which was believed to have suffered an electrical malfunction.

It has now been revealed by the Argentinian Navy that they believe the submarine may have exploded, killing all 44 crew.

Experts say even if the ARA San Juan is intact, its crew might have had only enough oxygen to last seven to 7 days. The German-built diesel-electric sub went missing as it sailed from the extreme southern port of Ushuaia to the city of Mar del Plata, about 250 miles southeast of Buenos Aires.

Argentine Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said evidence showed “an anomalous event that was singular, short, violent and non-nuclear that was consistent with an explosion.”

“According to this report, there was an explosion,” Mr Balbi told reporters.

“We don’t know what caused an explosion of these characteristics at this site on this date.”

On the 22nd of November, the Argentine Navy investigated a “hydroacoustic anomaly” identified on the 15th of November, three hours after the last contact of the lost submarine; ships and airplanes were sent back to the last contact point with ARA San Juan.

During a search flight over the South Atlantic, a US P-8A Poseidon aircraft detected an object near the area where the missing submarine sent its last signal. The plane returned to its base in Bahía Blanca late the same day.

Yesterday the Argentine Navy said an event consistent with an explosion had been detected on the day the submarine lost communications by CTBTO seismic anomaly listening posts on Ascension Island and Crozet Islands. The Navy received information through the Argentine ambassador in Austria since the CTBTO is based in Vienna.

The organisation had been asked to analyse data in the search area by the Argentine government on the week of the disappearance, but no leads surfaced until the 22nd of November when the CTBTO informed the government.

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Harry Nelson

RIP to those on Eternal Patrol


Very sad

Mike Saul

I am sorry for the loved ones they leave behind and offer my condolences.

I am not sorry that the military threat to the Falklands is yet further diminished.

The Argentine should recognise the wishes of the Falkland Islanders to remain part of the UK family and commence negotiations on mutually beneficial agreement where the islands can be demilitarised because the threat of invasion no longer exists.


There’s always one


now is not the time to be making political statements
best Tim

Mike Saul

Now is the time for peace.

Evan P

I think that it is understood that we aren’t going to see another Falklands war, and this has been understood for quite some time. I agree with Tim, it’s not fair to try to turn this terrible event into a good thing.

Ljudmila Hribar

thank you!

martin rodriguez

Las Islas Malvinas fueron , son y serán ARGENTINAS , la guerra no es producto de personas racionales , la guerra y la invasión es producto de un gobierno que se merece lo peor del mundo , y por todos los argentinos que han perdido la vida salvaje y brutalmente en nuestras islas Malvinas , grito nuevamente las islas Malvinas son argentinas , porque tenemos memoria y los llevamos en nuestros corazones. lo que su gobierno no tiene.
y no tengo dudas que ustedes son los que hundieron nuestro submarino ninguna duda

Ian Skinner

RIP, very sad.


Sorry to hear that news.. RIP and my thoughts are with the relatives of the crew also, must be so difficult for them..


I hope this tragic news puts the excitement we had yesterday regarding Diamond’s early return firmly into perspective. She is coming home. She will be fixed and return to sea. No-one was killed or injured. ARA San Juan will never tie up in port again, and the 44 poor souls on-board will never laugh and smile with their loved ones again. I hope the crew can be recovered so their families can lay them to rest. It is a reminder of the dangers faced by submariners and the courage needed to join that special band.

Ljudmila Hribar

Thank you so much Clive!



Daniele Mandelli

Don’t cry for me Argentina.

The truth is they never left you.

Don’t really know what else to say as sorry just never seems sincere enough.


This is terrible news, I am so sorry for them and for their relatives

Ljudmila Hribar

Thank you!


The search is continuing all the same. You can’t help but hope that the boat is staying down till the last possible minute of oxygen, waiting for the seas to abate and naval vessels around to effect a rescue, before bobbing to the surface and perhaps abandoning the boat.

David Steeper

Condolences to the families concerned and somethimg very different for the individuals who ordered them to sea knowing the condition of their armed forces.

Mike Saul

Seems I am not alone in thinking that this tragic event may lead to reconcilation and peace.



Mike I m argie and trust me there s no desire in any kind of war, the claims that psycho bxtch we used to have for president during 12 years were just a mascarade of her to COVER her corrupted goverment, she wanted to create an international scandal and she nailed it by saying that … You have no idea the tricks latin politians use to perform in order to cover their dirty business … and my country unfortunally knows a lot about corruption, year 1982 was the best example .. a drunk militar in presidency who wanted to stay… Read more »


Please do not get involved in political matters. It is time to get together and rescue the submarine and it’s crew members to know what it really happened.
I am an Argentinian that respect the Falkland’s islanders wishes. They deserve to live there. They made those island theirs’ with their effort and sacrifice living in such a hostile environment. I honestly don’t think any Argentinian would face that kind of climate and success like they did. Geopolitically ours or not; the reality is totally different. Make peace among us, please.

Ljudmila Hribar

Quite right Maria. I agree! I had a friend, wife of an Anglican pastor, who once told me you cannot even imagine what´s living there. The wind´s terrible and the climate horrible. Nop Argentine, except for some adventurers, would want to live there!

andy reeves,




andy reeves,


martin rodriguez

La guerra no es entre personas racionales que piensan y dialogan , la guerra es un invento de los gobierno para tener el aval y el respaldo para invadir , saquear y matar como lo hizo en las islas Malvinas , LAS ISLAS MALVINAS FUERON , SON Y SERÁN ARGENTINAS , lo grito para que me escuchen nuestros muertos que dieron su vida para defender el pensamiento maldito del gobierno británico , quieren Paz ? devuelvan nuestras islas , no es por las islas , porque no importa un pedazo de tierra es el símbolo de que nuestros muertos no… Read more »