Argentine law maker Gabriel Solano tweeted ‘F*** you!’ and described the crew of HMS Protector, currently searching for a missing Argentine submarine, as pirates.

The Royal Navy has also deployed a submarine rescue team to join the search.

Gabriel Solano of the  Argentina’s Workers’ Party cited the announcement of support in the search for the ARA San Juan by the British Embassy and made a controversial comment:

“They are occupation troops of the Argentine territory “

Argentinian users however reminded him that the ship is an icebreaker, whose purpose is to help in the discovery of the submarine. Many others appeared to criticise the politician for what was described as a “disgusting” tweet.

HMS Protector recently joined the search for an Argentine Navy sub that has been out of contact for days.

On the 17th of November 2017 it was announced that San Juan had not been heard from for over 48 hours and that search and rescue operations had been launched some 200 nautical miles southeast of San Jorge Gulf.

The contact was lost when the sub was en route from the Ushuaia naval base to the Mar del Plata base.

Argentine Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi told a news conference:

“We have not been able to find, or have visual or radar communication with the submarine.”

Protocol in the Argentine Navy dictates that a submarine must come to the surface if communication is lost.

The submarine entered service on 19 November 1985. Her mid-life update was carried out in Argentina between 2008 and 2013.

The last known position of the sub is believed to be off the south-eastern Valdez peninsula.

There are at least 44 people on board the missing submarine. Among them is Argentina’s first female submarine officer, Eliana María Krawczyk.


  1. Blimey! what a plonker !!!

    Putting that idiot to one side i hope the RN can be of assistance when helping to find the sub but sadly not looking all that hopeful now..

  2. Charming. Luckily for the crew of San Juan our boys and girls are complete professionals (an alien concept to this nonentity) and won’t take any notice.

  3. Territory of Argentina? When? I don’t think Argentina even existed when the British arrived on the Falklands?

    Two fingers from the Falklands to you ya pillock.

    • It didn’t. I think you’ll have a worse case, though, when Argentina’s land has been handed back to its indigenous people by the descendants of the original Spanish colonists.

      • I agree, when Argentina gained independence with help from Britain ironically, it then proceeded as imperialists to take as much land as possible till it hit the sea with no legal right to do so. Little of that land was ever even part of the original Spanish colony, though as no formal border existed they just exploited what they could including Patagonia of course which previously no colonists were actually interested in and called in the Welsh instead to do so and then took it when it suited them. But it seems as elsewhere in the Americas (as elsewhere) when colonists take over their country from the colonial power they deem themselves in some way to be indigenous and free to take whatever they can get without even a hint of irony.

          • Patagonians? That term doesnt even exist, stop making things up brit. The only thing we shot during the conquest of the desert was mapuche invaders that came from Chile just to kill people and steal cattle. The mapuches murdered the indigenous Tehuelches and Selknam, the rightful owners of the patagonian steppes, and when the Army started to push down the south taking territory while the chileans were busy in the Pacific War, these savages started raping women, killing kids, resisting civilization. It was the same americans did to their indians, your empire did to almost everyone in earth, nazis to jews, russians to ukrainians, japanese to POWs, eliminate the weak that stand in our way, nothing more. It was necessary civilization of the uncivilized, not brute savageness like you describe. Dont be a hypocrite.

    • La historia cuenta que cuando la Argentina se independizo de los españoles estaban incluidas las Malvinas y había habitantes de habla hispana. Cuando los ingleses llegaron en 1833 expulsaron a sus habitantes. La liberación de España fue en 1810 y la independencia fue en 1816 o sea llegaron mucho después. Por favor lean la historia

      • Cuantos años duro la ocupación Argentina…ni siquiera 10…por cuanta gente…ni siquiera 100.

        Lastima que los ingleses no les hundieran el 25 de Mayo el 82

  4. I agree with the consensus on here, this bloke has just made himself look idiotic. And it seems many of the Argentinian public think he’s an idiot as well judging by their reaction.
    It is looking grim for the crew, but is anyone surprised ? It seems that UKDJ has reported for some time about poor maintenance and training in the Argentine navy.

  5. If they spent money and maintained there kit the probability of this happening will be reduced.

    A lesson to all politicians; if you reduce the budget then reduce your ambitions to project power.

  6. I heard an expert on R4 today saying that they had emergency air that can be produced for 5-7 days and they can rescue up to circa 2,000ft water depth.

  7. As argentinian, I’m deeply sorry and ashamed because of people like this, a lawmaker, no less, who should know better. The Royal Navy has put forward its long tradition of nobility, not letting conflicts or differences come in the way, when fellow sea men are in danger at the ocean. I apologize for this imbecile and express my deep gratitude and admiration for this effort. In the war, the RN was a brave enemy that fought well and with dignity. In times of peace, it tends a helpful hand to a former enemy. A gesture of grandeur not easy to surpass…

  8. She is a small sub to find in a deep vast ocean. If her hull or compartments within are intact then there is some small hope. I think if they have not found her by the end of today then there really is no hope for the crew.

  9. As it now appears the Submarine has tragically been lost, let us all reflect on these poor souls and their families.

    Even with the most advanced Submarines, we must never forget it’s a dangerous job and submariners the world over are a special breed.

    As for that utter dick head, well , good to see most Argentines think he’s an idiot too, disgusting behavior, he should be utterly ashamed of himself!

  10. la causa de esta situación lamentable, justamente la crearon los mismos políticos argentinos. Un nuevo nombre de un tipo de delincuencia , normal en este País, no es de extrañar, que se compruebe que las famosas reparaciones efectuadas, mediante un otorgamiento a una empresa(????) que para hacerlo “dono” 3.000.000 de dolares a los asesores de la Ex Ministra Garre, confesa ex guerrillera.-
    Amparada, claro esta.por la Honesta Sra. Fernandez , devenida en presidenta de un País generoso, , que le permitió, robar casi todo el sur…………….Yo pregunto………… este polichorro que opina sobre las leyes no escrita de los marinos, tiene la remota idea de donde esta parado? como latinoamericano , y marino, un saludos a los camaradas de la RN. un ejemplo


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