The Royal Navy have reported that HMS Shoreham is under new command as she continues to operate from her forward base in the UK Naval Support Facility in Bahrain.

One of four Royal Navy mine-hunting vessels permanently based in the Gulf, Shoreham changes her crew twice a year so the ship can maximise time spent on operations, say the Royal Navy here.

“Having completed Operational Sea Training and taken part in Exercise Joint Warrior in the autumn, crew 4 of the First Mine Countermeasures Squadron – normally based in Scotland – took over from MCM1 crew 6, who have been embarked in Shoreham since June last year. MCM1 crew 6 will now take some well-earned leave, before joining HMS Ramsey.”

Commanding Officer of MCM1 Crew 4 Lieutenant Commander Peter Evans said:

“The training and preparation to deploy the ship’s company to the Gulf was thorough and arduous, and started in June 2019. They have proved their ability to operate in the face of challenging conditions and demanding examiners, and they did so to a fantastic standard.”

In the short period that crew 4 have been on board, the Royal Navy say that the crew have hosted officers from the Royal Bahraini Naval Force to strengthen relationships in the region and completed weapon training, MCM operations and a security patrol ending in a port visit to Dubai.

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Johnny (@guest_487582)
1 year ago

Do the crew go through fost in the ukon another sandown class ship or do they do it out in the gulf?

Gunbuster (@guest_487597)
1 year ago
Reply to  Johnny

FOST in the UK.
In the Gulf there are also lots of other on site checks, inspections and assessments undertaken on the crew and vessels systems throughout the 6 months they are with it.

Rob (@guest_487583)
1 year ago

Just wanted to send my best wishes and good luck to the new crew. It looks like this will be an at the sharp end deployment and it must be tough starting the new year in such circumstances for both crew and families. Godspeed & stay safe.

Trevor (@guest_487586)
1 year ago
Reply to  Rob

Yes to that.

Ian (@guest_487590)
1 year ago
Reply to  Rob

Talk about being put in the deep end

Cammy (@guest_487790)
1 year ago
Reply to  Rob

There are warships doing the real job of protection and god knows what USA has 100 carrier battle fleets near bye :(joking) . Yes I know Iran could mine the straights so our boys could b very handy.