The deployment to Estonia is also likely to include armoured Infantry, Warrior armoured fighting vehicles, unmanned aircraft and Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon confirmed the UK will be sending 800 personnel to Estonia, with France and Denmark contributing further troops.

“We will work harder for our alliances and partnerships when we leave the EU because we are committed to the defence of our continent.

That’s why we are moving troops to the NATO mission in Estonia, a company to Poland and RAF Typhoon fighter aircraft to the Black Sea.”

The M270 is an armoured, self-propelled, multiple rocket launcher; a type of rocket artillery.

Since the first M270s were delivered to the US Army in 1983, the MLRS has been adopted by several NATO countries.

Some 1,300 M270 systems have been manufactured in the United States and in Europe, along with more than 700,000 rockets. The production of the M270 ended in 2003, when a last batch was delivered to the Egyptian Army.

The Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System has twice the range of other artillery systems used by the British Army.

Within the British military, a common nickname is “Grid Square Removal System”, a play on the initialism GSRS (from the older General Support Rocket System).

With the adoption of the new M30 GPS guided rocket, it is now being referred to as the “70 kilometer sniper rifle”. During the 1991 Gulf War, the Iraqis referred to the small M77 submunitions rockets as the “Steel Rain”.

The system can fire up to 12 rockets in less than 60 seconds.

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1) We should be de-escalating the pressure building up at the border countries by means a phased withdrawal on both sides to mutually agreed locations. 2) We could probably deploy half a dozen of these. How many hundreds would the Russian advance? 3) If we go to war, it will be merely a game of Russia calling our bluff and watching billions of pounds of under investment obliterated in a few hours by sheer numerical superiority. 4) When it comes to defence I rather like these two paraphrased sayings: “speak quietly but carry a big stick” (ancient Chinese philosophy) “if… Read more »


1) We should be de-escalating the pressure building up at the border countries by means a phased withdrawal on both sides to mutually agreed locations. We aren’t the ones that increased tensions in the first place. This is all a response to Russian aggression in Ukraine. NATO has always been reactionary. 2) We could probably deploy half a dozen of these. How many hundreds would the Russian advance? You vastly over-estimate Russian capabilities. Remember that they have a defence budget fairly similar to the UK and they’re trying to maintain a large standing army, navy and airforce whilst also fighting… Read more »

David Southern

Russia has a GDP smaller than Korea and its declining fast! Under Putin its only a matter of time before its broke again so all the West has to do it wait it out. As far as your assessment of their military capabilities I believe they are way overestimated. I think only NATO senior staff and Putin would agree with you for different reasons; NATO seniors want to gain greater investment and what better than a country thats got fantastic weapons and a massive military machine? trouble is, Russias military is neither massive or has great weaponry but keep the… Read more »


I would love to believe that but when I see Russia becoming a leader in hypersonic delivery vehicles, the new Armarta tank and have started to deploy robotics in Syria I am concerned we underestimate them. Yes we learned from WW2 that it is not just about quantity but quality, especially at el alamein but we should also remember that the Russians turned back superior German forced by pure sacrifice and numerical superiority. I think they still pose a serious military competition. We do not have the depth in numbers and a few lucky hits could wipe out the back… Read more »

David Southern

I don’t think Russia is a leader in much to be honest; the T14 is a propaganda tank until its tested and I doubt whether it will last long on the battlefield against a few brimstones. You mention robotics but have you seen the fantastic machines developed by MIT? I doubt the Russians even come close. Putin is about propaganda; he’s convinced a large portion of his own people that its true but theres not many outside Russia who are taken in by his bull.


I think to a point we overestimate Russia. They may have the numbers in terms of hardware and soldiers but their armed forces are underpaid and the hardware is poorly maintained. Additionally they don’t have the economy to take on Europe and there is very little benefit for them to do so. Whatever small force we put in the Eastern front would be quickly overcome should Russia decide to attack, but they would only get so far before hitting real opposition and then it comes down to a question of economic might to sustained a long war and whether the… Read more »

Mike Saul

As the Romans use to say the best way to preserve the peace is to prepare war.

Appeasement and pacifism has a very poor track record.


Also the longstanding motto of the Royal Navy


Putin escalated tension along Russia’s borders with its Western neighbours because he needs to keep the Russian people unified behind him against a common “threat” i.e. NATO. Russia’s economy is an export-led basket case and Putin needs to keep peoples minds off it. To an extent, NATO and the EU goaded Putin into his invasion of Eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea by trying to incorporate Ukraine into their respective organisations. Of course, that is no excuse for his actions and we should stand ready to show Putin that he cannot bully us – because that is all he is,… Read more »

David Southern

I agree. Putin is a gambler, the more he wins the more he’ll play. I suspect the 270’s are to counter the S400’s and the Isklander.

Steven K

Totally agree. The Russian threat is talked up. They are out numbered on everything but it’s the actions of Russia that has people worried and the small matter of nukes they have.

I’ve seen articles that a pre-emptive strike by Russia is imminent to stop the build up of nato troops as a warning to stop all build up.


This build up is benefiting both sides to be honest.

Russia is able to show its people that they are reacting to external agressors and europe is able to reinforce ties with the eastern block, during a period where the ‘wealther’ european countries are getting a lot of benefit from the EU compared to their eastern neighbours.


Why the hell is the UK there yet again? We have spilled the blood of millions to protect these ungrateful peoples! We decided to leave the EU so Germany and her friends wish to teach us a lesson. We should now withdraw from NATO, only 5 nations value defence the rest assume free protection from the USA and UK. They have taken advantage for far to long, Russia you are welcome to them all!

David Southern

Don’t think you speak for the UK. We will support anyone who want to be free from a dictatorship like Russia. No chance whatsoever of the UK leaving NATO; we are one of the cornerstones of the alliance. As long as dangerous lunatics like Putin are around we will always support other peoples freedom.


Saw the steel rain of bomblet’s wipe out an Iraqi artillery division. The explosion of their arms dump and blast wave took a good 5 seconds to reach the firing point. We drove through the next morning utter destruction. Now even more lethal and accurate 24 years later


You guys….look big picture, play the game through to at least the third or fourth move. 1. Britain/NATO place token force on border. 2. Russia makes a move/wipes them out, whatever. 3. ? If a Ukraine style invasion happens by Russia strolling across Estonias border with a couple of divisions, we would be obliged as NATO to unite and push them back out. This ‘could’ go nuclear, but I doubt it. Russia supplies gas to half of Europe. If it turns it off during winter months, we take civilian losses. Russia would cripple it’s economy, but it wins ultimately. I… Read more »

N Roach

National Newspapers report we have backed down sending Rocket Artillery so not to upset Putin,
is this true .


I thought the new russian mlrs systems far outranged the 270 now


Going to take a contrary view to this entire thread because I believe we aren’t aware of our own propaganda / media bias. I listen to most of Putin’s public statements live when I can and most of the important ones can be found on You Tube. Play it from the other side. Look at NATO map at the end of the cold war and look at it now. From the Russian perspective, why, if the cold war is over? Who pulled out of the ABM treaty and what did Russia say about it at the time? To understand Ukraine… Read more »