Britain could attract $10 billion Australian frigate contract after a report by RAND is expected to advise that using an existing design, most likely Britains Type 26 Frigate, for the warships would be the least risky option for Australia, and that would “mostly likely” have to happen offshore.

RAND looked at three design and build options; an off-the-shelf design, a modified off-the-shelf design and an entirely new design.

“Each option would entail different risks and implications for the acquisition process and strategy. The pure military off-the-shelf solution (which most likely would be built outside Australia) probably would entail the least design and cost risk, given that there would be an experienced builder and active supplier base.”

The Australian Defence Department confirmed that no decision had yet been made on where the frigates would be built, and that no commitment would be made before the White Paper was released.

An Australian defence spokesman said:

“A decision to build the Future Frigates in Australia would be dependent upon the outcomes of … feasibility studies, and the ability of the Australian shipbuilding industry to demonstrate international productivity standards.”

It is my opinion that this has a chance of happening but then again, I would have a chance of winning the lottery if I played it.

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Ian Crighton

who would buy of Britain ? everything goes way over budget

UK Defence Journal

Many people do.

Ian Crighton

i know and i’m proud but why does everything go up in price ?

Paul Linfield

Quite often, it’s because the buyer (MOD and/or Gov) keeps changing the specification. Once the first in class ship is built, if an overseas buyer (like RAN) chose to procure the existing fixed design, then presumably the price would be safely fixed too.

Jason Buck

Don’t worry BAE only overcharges the British government.

Stephen Page

Defence expenditure going over budget is most certainly not limited to the UK by a long shot. In fact, every major power has the same budgetary concerns.

David Hollingworth

Good. We should work with the rest of the commonwealth. Make sure they get a damn good deal on it too.

Joshua Scott

Here here, if they were all to standardise the quality of the kit used would go up and the cost down!

Stephen Page

I completely agree, Commonwealth countries must stand together or individually they’ll fall. I’d also include the USA in that policy as well.

Tracy Stratford

I guess it’s how it’s made and the price of worth is in the eye of the buyer!

Tracy Stratford

Nice looking ship 🙂

Graeme Robertson

New Zealand could do with replacing their 2 with 2 or 3 about then too

Stephen Page

I want to see the UK return to much closer trade ties with NZ and AUS as Labour’s trade policy of bypassing New Zealand and Australia when signing up to the ‘Common Market’ was one betrayal too far.

Hopefully we reopen our ship building yard. Think it was in Portsmouth. More job = better economy.

Rob Selby

They are the best in the business the Australians would be wise to buy british

Sam Pothecary

Just think of the inter-operability too between the RN and RAN. Every little helps…

Shaun Mclaren

Australia will suck up to the yanks as they have always done

Oliver Wiggins

Alas I fear you’re most likely correct. The F18s and UH60s are one thing but come on, how the hell did they conclude that the M1 Abrams was a better shout than the Leopard 2A6? It does seem that they’re willing to purchase US stuff just for the sake of making the Americans happy.

Trev Shepherd

When would they get theirs 2070? Pull your finger out Cameron, RN need.these ships NOW! Not 2050!!!

UK Defence Journal


Jack Anderson

Canada has approved long-term funding for 15 frigate size vessels. It would certainly be worthwhile to investigate joint production of a common platform with the UK, Canada and Australia and perhaps New Zealand and others.

Shaun Kelly

Frankie Hayward James Punt

James Punt

It needs more and bigger guns !!!!!!

Basil Gerd Verf

hopefully and then we’ll have decent ones …

Graham Haxell

RNZN needs at least two! Good credit terms from David Cameron?