British warships HMS Albion, HMS Dragon and RFA Lyme Bay met up with HNLMS Johan de Witt and HNLMS Rotterdam.

The Royal Navy say that HMS Albion is leading the Littoral Response Group accompanied by destroyer HMS Dragon and amphibious support ship RFA Lyme Bay.

Adhering to strict COVID-19 precautions, Albion also welcomed Commander of the Netherlands Maritime Force, Commodore Ad van de Sande, onboard.

Lieutenant Commander Peter Schilt, a Dutch exchange officer aboard HMS Albion, was quoted by the Royal Navy as saying:

“This meeting was extremely important and demonstrates the good relations and long and strong bonds between our navies. Both Navies have proven through joint exercises and operations that we are reliable and capable to meet threat challenges together.”

Albion is leading an experimental deployment to “test tech, tactics and concepts which will help forge the Royal Marines’ Future Commando Force and the ships, helicopters and craft which carry them into battle”.

In addition, the force is working with NATO and the UK’s friends and allies in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region. Additionally, The Royal Netherlands Navy is on its Mediterranean Archer 2020 deployment. Similar to the Littoral Response Group mission, its aim is to test and train amphibious warfare skills alongside supporting NATO allies and partners.

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Never had the opportunity to exercise up close with the Dutch, but was lucky enough to be hosted by them in another capacity in which they are probably the European leaders in, 1st class Agency/business model, 1st class resources and 1st class people. We should be doing more with them.


Agree and when you think of what a relatively small nation the are they have an amazing history as a Maritime nation. A sad side effect of Brexit is that Anglo-Dutch relationships may be affected adversely


Geoff, politically I think you are right, but I do think there is a bond there that goes further than the EU, I think we will still be welcomed as guests.


Agree Cymbeline but despite being a neutral on Brexit, the EU did facilitate social and business links and I worry about a No Deal scenario and how it might affect our two huge Anglo Dutch giants-Unilever and Shell. That discussion is of course, for another forum!
Regards From Durban


Geoff, yes I’ve been following the Unllever Tug-of-War for the location of their Global HQ, thankfully the last I saw its still going to remain in the UK.


The Dutch are too smart to let Brexit effect the relation with the UK. They know the UK provides a strong defense for Europe and that hasn’t changed.


It seems like we are, they are also joining the CBG. It’s great to see.


Yes, saw that too, looks like that will be the way forward for us as in a multinational CBG.


Ons groet julle mense uit Suid Afrika!