Warships from the Royal Navy and Egyptian Navy plus a fleet of landing craft from both nations mustered off Alexandria for a joint demonstration.

The training concluded with a combined amphibious landing as Royal Marines landing craft from Albion formed ‘assault waves’ alongside craft from the Sadat to land vehicles and troops across the Egyptian coastline.

LCU belonging to Albion.

According to a Royal Navy news release:

“UK flagship HMS Albion and destroyer HMS Dragon joined the Egyptian Navy and Air Force for combined exercises on and off the sands of the North African shore, the culmination of a high-profile visit to the land of the pharaohs. Fresh from testing new kit and tactics over two demanding weeks in Cyprus, the UK’s Littoral Response Group crossed the Mediterranean for a week-long stay in Alexandria.

An Egyptian military marching band welcomed the Royal Navy into port, raising the curtain on a mixture of joint training, talks and planning both alongside and at sea. Albion welcomed aboard Armed Forces Minister James Heappey, plus senior members of the Egyptian Armed Forces, while British and Egyptian military personnel took part in a series of discussions and briefings to discuss naval operations and amphibious warfare.

In ENS Anwar el Sadat – a French-built Mistral-class assault ship – the Egyptian Navy possesses an impressive amphibious ship/helicopter carrier similar to UK flagship HMS Albion. With strict Covid precautions in place, warships from the Royal and Egyptian Navy, aircraft of the Egyptian Air Force and a fleet of landing craft from both nations mustered off Alexandria for a joint demonstration.”

Upon leaving Egypt, the task group will come under NATO command as it takes part in Operation Sea Guardian, which is committed to maritime security across the Mediterranean, you can read more here.

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Gavin Gordon

Seems an unusual linkup. Wonder what’s behind it.


I suspect the threat of Turkey is behind all this Egypt needs all the friends it can get in the threats developing in the east med esp as it’s supporting Greece and Cyprus at the moment and confronting Turkey in Libya

Gavin Gordon

Makes sense.


Yes, Erdogen has visions of a new Ottoman empire; yuk. The French seem to be taking the lead in restraining him in their support for Greece. It makes
for us to support Egypt.



Yep, makes perfect sense. The Eastern Med must not become an Ottoman lake

john melling

Even the Egyptians are showing us up! Look at that Mistral Class ship 😉


Well it would be nice to have both but I guess it was a choice between 2 real carriers and 2 or 3 mini helicopter assault ships

David Barry

Have the US told us to leave yet?⁸


Shades of Suez? XD


I was back in 1956 for a moment!


Wasn’t there an Albion involved in the previous Egypt invasion?


Not until Biden is in the White House.