Local media have reported that HMS Queen Elizabeth will anchor at Souda Bay and, possibly, Piraeus.

News outlet Kathimerini say that Queen Elizabeth’s arrival is part of British participation in the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence, but is “also related to British interest to sell Type 31 frigates to the Greek Navy”.

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her Carrier Strike Group will deploy to the Pacific later this year, stopping off at many allied ports and exercising with many allied forces.

It is understood that the deployment will see the Carrier Strike Group sail in the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf and end up in the Pacific before returning home.

The Ministry of Defence say that the Carrier Strike Group “offers Britain choice and flexibility on the global stage, reassuring our friends and allies and presents a powerful deterrent to would-be adversaries.”

How will the UK Carrier Strike Group operate?

The strike group is the largest and most powerful European-led maritime force in almost 20 years, you can read more about it at the link above.

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Was pretty much a given that some or all of the CSG would be calling at Souda Bay considering it’s the major NATO base in the region and the last friendly/secure port until they reach Oman.


Only ever been to the NATO refueling jetty… If you go there there ain’t a lot else around.


Maybe not as action packed as some other destinations on the deployment but often used as a stop-over for stores and a bit of training.


Got married near there a couple of years ago, that bit of Crete is lovely for a holiday.


Where are all the NATO/MARCOM controlled naval bases?

john melling

May send a much-needed message to Turkey.
Considering their ongoing oil and gas dispute with Greece
And Greece is gaining ground on its stance and wants regional help.

Greece is trying to modernise its military so a stopover by the CSG will be a welcome sight


John, There was a story the other day, that the Turks had requested the sale of one our carriers, (The UK refused) but now the British are helping them with building one: Turkey held talks with UK to purchase aircraft carrierThe Turkish government held consultations with the UK to procure a new or second-hand aircraft carrier last year, but the talks were inconclusive, Middle East Eye can reveal. Two people familiar with the dealings said the government inquired to purchase a brand new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier or a decommissioned one, but British officials denied that request. “They have offered to… Read more »


Turkey already has the Anadolu carrier ( Navantia Juan Carlos design), but it has 0 planes for carrier use. This article is just wishful thinking / PR stunt, just like Turkey having an operational native 5th gen fighter for their air force by mid 2020s.


After the whole F-35-S400 procurement issue, does anybody know if BAE is still involved in the development of that 5th gen fighter TAI TF-X?




It’s all vapourware like most of the propaganda that comes out of Turkey over the last few years. Besides their “5th gen” fighter was supposed to be operational by mid 2020s, yet no real tangible progress. Furthermore it is not carrier capable aircraft, but a replacement for their old F16.


The Turks are building their own drones ,subs , F16 on license , tanks , helicopters , frigates, corvettes, destroyers anti ship missiles, cruise missiles, ballastic missiles able to hit any target within 2.600km putting it in range of all of Europe. Own air defence systems short medium and long range . Autonomous stealth boats that coordinate with drones with anti ship missiles. A 5th generation fighter jet. The main issue they have is the engines hence why they want Rolls Royce collaboration or they can always look towards Russia. Being ignorant and dismissing it as Propaganda would be a… Read more »


They build helicopters under leonardo license.
They are not building tanks since they have no engine or transmission for Atltay. And unfortunately for the poor reporting, Korean K9 needs same German tech.
Their drones also require western engines and detection tech
Etc.etc. etc.
They mostly assemble under license
And i will reiterate that the 5th gen fighter by mid 2020s or new aircraft carrier is just propaganda.
So stop being pedantic.


It will be quite a sight to see the CSG transitting through the Straits of Gibraltar – and then along the Suez Canal. Lots of photo ops all round – and, of course, showing the world that the UK is back in the carrier business, in some style.


This has nothing to do with Turkey , the UK has a close military relationship with Turkey and recently trained with them and have the same view in Cyprus. Turkey is a regional important partner in the Mediterranean and Black see to combat Russian expansionist agenda along with Ukraine and other Black sea states. Their new drones carrier will be on sea trials soon there too.

Levi Goldsteinberg

Agreed. We even sent the Turks drilling ships when France were sailing Tiny Charles over to Cyprus to attempt to scare Turkey into stopping drilling.


levi wrote: Agreed. We even sent the Turks drilling ships  Actually we didn’t the Turks operate 4 drillships: 2 were purchased from a Brazilian company 1 from a Bermuda company and the one sold last year in Teesside, was a ship which was ‘repossessed ‘ by the British on a court order due to debts by its owners based in…Brazil. It was sold on open auction to Turkey. More can be found here: Giant $600m deep water drilling ship looms over Falmouth A giant ship which was previously ‘arrested’ by the Admiralty Court before being sold to new owners has been… Read more »

Levi Goldsteinberg

Well, serves me right for only reading the headline. Noted.


It’s a shame the Bosphorus and Incirlik make Turkey almost untouchable.

Captain P Wash

It was only the fact that the British expedition in WW1 gave the Turks a 3 week holiday , that they were able to reinforce and repel the otherwise inevitable British and Commonwealth Invasion and probable victory…….

Ryan Brewis

Would the Greeks be interested in the Type 31? It’s a step up from what they currently have certainly, but if the US flogs Constellation class frigates to them can the T31 compete?

Paul T

Not likely at the moment,France is at the front of the que for their Future Frigate requirements.