The British Armed Forces have delivered essential equipment to the Falkland Islands to enable the construction of an oxygen generation plant to increase the supply of oxygen to King Edward Memorial Hospital.

The Royal Air Force say they have delivered the equipment to British Forces South Atlantic Islands as part of the UK Government’s support to the Overseas Territories during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Thanks to the tireless work of Armed Forces personnel and Ministry of Defence civilians and contractors, the hospital will now have increased capacity to treat patients with breathing difficulties. The aircraft was deployed from 99 Squadron based at RAF Brize Norton.”

A team from 5001 Sqn RAF Wittering will shortly deploy to assist in the installation and maintenance of the oxygen generation plant, say the RAF.

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Is right. This is the good stuff. Looking after our own no matter where they are on this planet.


Have the Argies complained yet ??


I wonder how covid19 got to the falklands, it’s a very isolated place and could lock down easily, I wonder if the Millitary spread it.

Daniele Mandelli

I’m not aware it has. I read this as being prepared.


According to Trump, penguins are a major source of transmission of Covid 19. Military units are disinfecting them with a Dettol gargle as a precaution 🙂


I wonder how the runway repairs are going in Ascension? The damage done to that tiny community by the restrictions imposed by the runway repair saga which has now gone on for several years, was significant. The small tourism sector has closed along with the only Hotel and car hire, and the RAF still cannot use the island as their stop off to the Falklands. In fact, does anyone know if repairs have even started?


Interesting to see, in these articles, the extensive use of the Atlas. Taking the strain and flight hours off our precious limited number of C17s. I assume that flight time to the Falklands in an Atlas isn’t a lot different to the C17?

Daniele Mandelli

A byproduct of having so few assets in many areas is that they are worn out quicker by constant use. Such as our 8 C17 as you rightly say. So much for CDS Sir Jock Stirrup several years back when, endorsing the latest SDSR cuts he described the military as being “more agile” as a result of them. How is hamstrung with too few assets and no reserves more agile? No doubt he is now ( or was! ) on a beach enjoying his fat pension, a route taken by so many chiefs of staff rather than standing up to… Read more »


It was ever thus I am afraid. Most people will settle out of court (as it were) rather than make a fuss and risk losing financially. I’m not sure if this is still the case, but aren’t senior generals still on the books as far as pay is concerned? That is, they don’t actually retire as such but go into storage in case they are needed at a later date.

Daniele Mandelli

No idea, interesting question.

I’ve only come across that with generals of the Wermacht in WW2 being put in a pool and employed at Hitler’s whim.


With all the military types on here, someone should know. I think I read it in an Iris Murdoch novel many years ago…so it is possibly no longer the case!

Daniele Mandelli


I imagine such a thing concerning officers to be the same as the regular reserve which is liable to call up after leaving service for a time.