Frigate HMS Montrose tracked an illegal fuel transfer at sea while conducting United Nations sanctions enforcement against North Korea, say the Royal Navy.

According to a news release, HMS Montrose spotted a North Korean ship in the East China Sea, alongside another ship of unknown nationality.

“It is assessed that the ships were carrying out a ship-to-ship transfer of fuel, which is prohibited by United Nations sanctions. The team on board HMS Montrose gathered photographic evidence of the activity and this information has now been reported to the United Nations.”

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“Our Royal Navy presence in East Asia over the last year has been a robust deterrent against those trying to evade international sanctions on North Korea. Sanctions evasion helps facilitate North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme and is a major source of funding.

Sanctions will remain in place and we and our partners will keep enforcing them until we see concrete steps towards North Korea’s complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation.”

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Captain P Wash

If i were on that NK ship, I’d be sleeping in the Life Raft, Looks like she’s about to sink.

Glass Half Full

Fuel supply for NK subs perhaps?


No just general sanctions busting, the North Korean vessels meet tankers operating under flags of convenience in open sea then transfer oil/refined fuel over.

The general view it is being done with the tacit support of China and Russia albeit the former is the greater player in this.

China doesn’t want a complete collapse of the North Korean regime so turns a bling eye to these activities.

andy reeves

‘robust? a frigate? LMAO.


What do you propose?


We have a couple of Aircraft Carriers monitoring sanctions against Scotland and poor old HMS Montrose has to manage NK all on it own. It doesn’t seem fair.

Captain P Wash

Oh and, I’ve been saying it for years now but nobody listens. They really should make Anchors and Chains out of something that doesn’t Rust.

They soon jump on us having dirty Kit !

Mr Bell

That NK ship is massively overloaded she will sink if she is hit by a big wave. Hopefully not too far to go to get back to port

Daniele Mandelli

Is it a deterrent though?

They did not physically stop things, just reported it to the big boys upstairs.

Being an independent sovereign nation’s property can the RN or anyone else do anything? It would be an act of war in North Koreas eyes.


I guess that the ship supplying it will be monitored to se who owns it and which ports it visits. If the UN really wanted to take action I am sure that pressure could be put on the operators, owners or nation responsible for it unless its Chinese of course. But I suspect nothing concrete will happen otherwise all of the above would be terrified of breaking the sanctions knowing its relatively easy to track them.


“Reported it to the UN.” LMAO!

Captain P Wash


Detention and Lines might have been better.


I was thinking the old wooden ruler on the back of the knuckles!


Oh, I’m liked? That’s good. Must admit, I only come here for the comments.

To be seriously serious for a moment, it’s worth noting that this was last month, Montrose is currently in Sri Lanka I believe. Her crew really have seen the world since they deployed.

Back to being seriously unserious, the uppermost tanker looks in a right old state. Either she’s weighted down by the sheer balls of her crew or she’s just carrying excessive amounts of dog curry.

Daniele Mandelli


Yep, you’re on my list too as a good un!


That comment reminds me of a certain Dad’s army sketch.

“Whistle while you work, Junker is a twerp! He’s half barmy so’s his Union whistle while you…”

“Your name vill also go in zeee list! Vott iz eeet?”

“Don’t tell him, Lusty!”

Captain P Wash


Captain P Wash

I always liked ” Flobbalobb ” and “I don’t Believe It”.

The Backwards Episode of Red Dwarf always makes me Snigger “Where’s the Cat”?


Wait, aren’t you lot all the same person? I’m confused.

Captain P Wash

Yes We Are. Absolutely.

Daniele Mandelli

No I’m b***** not!!

I don’t think they are either, but have reservations….!

Captain P Wash

Lol, “They” are “Hot Bunking”. Trust me.

Captain P Wash

It’s Human Nature Daniele.

Yesterday was a “Toe Dipping” day.

You can’t keep a good Troll Down !


No, No.

My real name is P.I. Staker.

Captain P Wash

Ha, That makes 4 of us !!!!!

Barbara Riley

Why are these transfers being allowed and why isnt on going policeing in progress. Takes little Montrose to deal with it. These are US sanctions why arethey not policing it instead of playing war games elsewhere, they hould also stop entertainjng ROK you are being made a laughing stock