HMS Montrose and her Royal Marines have seized £11 million of drugs in the Gulf.

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farouk (@guest_540841)
3 months ago

Not a matlow, but looking at the 2 different uniforms above (ok there is a third, but its only one geezer) got me thinking exactly how much space do sailors get to pack all their gear away whilst at sea. I take it , its not a lot

Robert Blay
Robert Blay (@guest_540852)
3 months ago
Reply to  farouk

No, it’s not alot. On T23 you will get a small locker (can’t remember the dimensions) and a boot draw under your pit. You can chuck most of your other gear In the baggage store. T45’s and the carrier’s and future vessels have considerable larger lockers and beds, and 6 man mess decks instead of the 24 man chicken coops of older vessels ?

I know C
I know C (@guest_540853)
3 months ago
Reply to  farouk

You’re right, even in today’s relatively big ships space is still tight. And the geezer front right is an engineer officer, they always wear white overalls.

Gunbuster (@guest_541026)
2 months ago
Reply to  I know C

It’s the MEO… He probably sleeps in them!

Gunbuster (@guest_540886)
3 months ago
Reply to  farouk

The further up the tree you go the more locker space and cabin space you get.
As a baby tiff in 82 it was a locker maybe big enough to hang 10 shirts up in with 5 draws alongside, each about the size of a bedside cabinet draw. 3 high bunks and 30 people in the mess deck.

Get to Warrant and I had a two berth cabin to myself cupboards, draws, coat lockers, a writing desk under my bed… Even had a TV connection… Which I never used… TVs in cabins are the death of mess social life.

Gunbuster (@guest_540940)
3 months ago

Some familiar faces in that photo! Glad to see they are keeping busy…its not like they can have a run ashore in the present conditions.

Airborne (@guest_540957)
3 months ago

WTF is a type 23 doing at the Guards depot? ;0)

MarkF (@guest_541038)
2 months ago

I have often wondered if any of the drugs that are confiscated could be used “commercially” in the medical industry or similar.
It would be a shame to destroy “good quality” drugs that could be re-purposed by the pharmaceutical industry.
Anyone know if the can or are re-purposed ?

Gunbuster (@guest_541148)
2 months ago
Reply to  MarkF

I spoke to the RAN on Warramunga and Arunta who had a huge record of hauls about this The Aussies had a wheelie bin over the back end with the bottom full of holes. They put a fire hose in it and wearing PPE split the bags and washed it all away.

They did say (jokingly) they had a lot of trippy fish and dolphins following the ships around where ever they went looking for another hit.