Defence Minister Harriett Baldwin announced a new £18 million contract to support the radars on the Type 45 Destroyer fleet.

The contract will ensure the continued availability of the battle-winning Long Range Radar (LRR) equipment on the UK’s six Type 45 Destroyers, including maintenance and repairs say the MoD.

Defence Minister Harriett Baldwin, said:

“It’s been great seeing the cutting-edge innovation of British industry today, especially as my first experience of British business was so close to this site. This multi-million pound contract will boost the future of both this high-tech hub and our Navy’s battle-winning radars.”

Richard Smart, Director Weapons for Defence Equipment and Support, the MoD’s procurement organisation, said:

“The UK’s Type 45 Destroyers are part of the backbone of the Royal Navy and this contract supports their primary air defence role, offering the best protection available to the ships and crew.

This support agreement is the product of the strong skills base we have in UK Defence. It will keep Royal Navy personnel safe at sea as they defend our interests all over the world.”

The new contract, which will run for the next five years, will cover support for the entire Type 45 fleet as well as one shore-based facility in Portsmouth.

Les Gregory, Product and Training Services Director for BAE Systems said:

“We are delighted to have been awarded this follow-on contract to support the Long Range Radars across the Royal Navy’s Type 45 Destroyer fleet, which will also enable us to explore further growth opportunities.”


  1. Battle winning radar that we may replace with Australias radar system.

    A bit of consistency and commitment wouldn’t go amiss.

  2. A very robust backbone Minister.
    Sustaining the quay side at Portsmouth, saving money. More of the £178 Billion to invest in the future.
    Morning all

      • It will read something along the lines of:
        It has been decided to bring forward the power plant upgrades of the T45 fleet and the first ship, HMS Dxx will now enter her refit phase the year. We are able to this because of the £178Bn being invested in defence over the next 10 years. This will create XX jobs and give the Royal Navy a world class warship ready for operations around the world (weather permitting).
        We will also remove the 8 anomalies welded just forward of the bridge as the Harpoon holdings we do have are end of life and no replacement was sought.
        Instead we have decided to install some stiff upper lip and serious frown to deter the enemy. This added to the new Wildcat with it “finger wagging” anti ship technology should deter any enemy.

        I may have meandered a bit at the end but you get the drift 😀
        Morning all

        • ‘FROWN’ I rather like that as an acronym just need something obscure for it be an acronym for I guess. I am sure the MOD could find something appropriate they are rather good at that to hide their deficiencies.

  3. Still no signing off on the bigger issue, fitting the required mk41 vl system to these vessels or resolving power plant issues.
    i guess we cannot afford those now and probably need to give up on the mk41 notion. Especially when our amphibious warfare ships and 2 more type 23s are going to be scraped.
    “year of the navy” anyone?
    more like year the navy lost its last remnant of capability.

  4. I believe we are missing a trick here.

    1. The feasibility study of fitting the Australian CEAFAR was just that a feasibility study. However, it makes perfect sense if Oz are looking at the T26 and perhaps even Canada and NZ. There has even been interest from the US Navy. Therefore in everyone’s interest, does it not make sense to see what the ship can be outfitted with, so prospective customers can personalize the basic design?

    2. The land based training system of PAAMs is an opportunity that is too good to be wasted. However, due to a significant lack of cash for further development it will just be used for training and software development. The land system has everything that is required to be a land based BMD system which could be paired with the Aster Block 2 BMD missiles. It has the S1850M and Sampson radars, its just lacking some teeth!


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