The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded BAE Systems a Phase 3 contract worth $3.1 million to continue developing autonomy software to improve the resiliency of air mission planning for the US military. 

The programme, called Resilient Synchronized Planning and Assessment for the Contested Environment (RSPACE), seeks to develop human-centered software decision aids that can assist air operators to better control daily operations in a complex battlespace.

In response to this need, and as part of the RSPACE programme, BAE Systems say it has created software called the Distributed, Interactive, Command-and-Control Tool (DIRECT) to improve air battlespace awareness.

“Using assessment analytics, the software provides an easy-to-use, visual interface to generate real-time alerts so operators can evaluate areas of concern during the planning and execution of a mission. The software also automatically adjusts to minimise bandwidth when communications are limited and unreliable to assist in mission continuity and completion.”

Chris Eisenbies, product line director of the Autonomy, Controls, and Estimation group at BAE Systems, said in a release:

“New users have found DIRECT easy to learn, indicating we are well on our way to providing a software decision aid that will help planners adapt to plan changes, make real-time decisions faster, and more effectively execute their missions.”

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At least it’ll give us some new acronyms for the site.

‘The new autonomous package, dubbed: Integrated Littoral Launch By Encrypted Beach-Air Communications (ILLBEBAC) …’


The only K I had in my mind was Knackers.


“Today, the Royal Navy took delivery of new deck-landing and surveillance aids for their 10 Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers. HMS Ark Royal is the first vessel to be fitted with: High Altitude Surveillance-Terrestrial Aircraft (HASTA), Landing Aid MK10 (LA), Visual Engagement Surveillance-Terrestrial Aircraft (VESTA) & the weapon that all Germans fear: the Big Arse Bouncing Yam (BABY).”

Captain P Wash

Laughing here, Loudly !

Glass Half Full

The UK has had Skynet since the late 1960’s, we’re on 5th gen no less … oh and so far so good 🙂


Nothing of this nature gives me any confidence whatsoever unless it has AIRPC Automatic Instant Reverse Polarity Capabilities. We must safeguard the human race… or destroy it depending upon your preferences. Tough choice.

Captain P Wash

Can we have a Vote ?

Daniele Mandelli

Not in this country. Sadly.

God knows what the world is thinking.

Captain P Wash

She, They, Them, Those, are not My Leaders, never have been.
Born poor and Ignorant Me. Why should any of them Care about the rest of us, as long as they are comfortable ?

It took a while and a War to come to that conclusion though.

Turned me Into the “Extremist Brexiteer ” I am now.

Daniele Mandelli

How about Extreme Ironing?

Amazingly it actually exists!

captain P Wash

What’s an “Iron” ? !

The Big Man

Apple invented that one for Mothers Day. They called it the iRon.


I’m not qualified to comment on all the naval technology but I love the banter and wit from you lot!


Seconded! A shame there’s no general comments area too


Thank God for that!


Actually, RGR, DM and CPW are all the same person…he currently lives on a caravan park in Barry Island…with his dog! Enjoy your can of special-brew this evening!

Daniele Mandelli



I’ve been accused of bring a Russian Troll and now I’ve merged with two others!

Thanks that brought a massive smile to my face, as off on nights soon and no alcohol before going on duty.

I wonder what the dogs name is??? Brexit??

Captain P Wash

OMG, LOL, I just saw this, Ha, Me and RGR and DM? whatever a DM Is.

Nope, We ( Me and RGR) just seem to share the same sense of Humour.

But , Nice Deflection there TH/Herodotus/Ulya.
Just saying !!!!

captain P Wash

Is This “Special Brew” a bit like Irn Brew but for Grownups ?
I heard that In Scotland Irn Brew causes “Tartar Herodotus” . Oh hang on T.H.

Well there’s a funny thing.


I should hope so, it’s as stupid as the comments that are levelled against me.

Daniele Mandelli

Ah. In the context of the comments above and the Captain’s mention of “extremist” that is due to your comment a few days back, now what was it you said again…” middle England fighting back against “Extremism” or words to that effect? In other words the 17 million plus “extremists” who voted to leave the EU. In my book extremists are people who murder, rape, butcher and cause carnage in the name of religion or other ideal, not much of middle England who made a choice, presented to them on a ballot. Your word, not mine. I did not like… Read more »


I didn’t say that everyone that voted for Brexit was an extremist! Though there are elements associated with the Brexit movement that clearly are…far right groups that are happy to don the ‘Gilet Jaunes’ in order to provoke disorder. Even this rather benign website has seen threats made against the establishment and anti-Brexiteers should Brexit not go as planned (there are quite a few comments like this). These are not idle threats, they are heartfelt wishes and, as such, represent extremist views! So yes, it is a case of the personal security of politicians and supporters of Remain being threatened… Read more »

Captain P Wash

Ermmm, Yes You Did. Actually Hero, You have been Proper Forceful and Aggressive with your Answers here. Despite the Basic and All to clear Fact that The Majority Voted to Leave.

Loving the Deflection Tactics you love to Employ BTW.

17 Million of Us are certainly not all Racist, Extremist’s , Repulsive nor Alcoholics. Except In Your Mind. And That’s Biggest part of the problem.
Sore Losers can only Throw insults , Or so It appears.


I’m not sure if RGR, DM and CPW could really be the same person.

Captain is obviously up on the bridge, playing with his wood…en steering wheel. Rear Gunner would be sat on the arse end of the ship, fishing with a Phalanx. Daniele meanwhile would be walking around the flight deck, mumbling incoherently about missing Merlins and a lack of escorts.

Their ship, however, isn’t fitted with Radar Engagement Management And Integrated National Intelligence Agency Cooperation Systems (REMAINIACS).

Daniele Mandelli

Morning Lusty.



Their ship could, of course be fitted with the new British Ultra Low Level Shipborne Highspeed Instantmash Torpedo (with optional Back Pedalling Mudguards)


Nah, it should be fitted with United Political and Theoretical Hypocritical Eegits & Electro Magnetic Predator (with) Integrated Reaper Electronics (UP THE EMPIRE).

Captain P Wash

Lusty, You are spot On Mostly.

But, We have to make room for the M.O.A.N.E.R.S.

Minority. Of. Arseholes. Not. Even. Remotely. Sorry.


Captain, yes, yes you must.

Thank you for the continuous humour, part of my reason for commenting here.

captain P Wash

Ha, One Man’s Humor Is another Man’s reason to get all Offended and Throw Tantrums like a girl.
(No offence intended to Men or Girls btw.)


And what about the equally repulsive threats that Brexit supporting MPs and members of the public who have also experienced death threats for expressing their political viewpoints?

Clearly, an element of extremism also exists within the remain faction.

Captain P Wash

Lusty, Absolutely mate. In-fact, All the Hatred and aggression Is actually coming from the minority. Be it Politicians, Mega Rich, or the ruling Elite.

Funny That.

Daniele Mandelli

Yes. The UKIP hustings in Lewisham showed that. Screaming “anti facist” facists outside. Amazing how a wish for independence labels one a “facist” in the minds of some. It’s always the way. If you don’t agree with their world view you’re a racist or a facist. I’ve experienced it myself out on campaign for Nigel. Was called a facist by one chap, who then slammed the door on me , who did not know me from Adam. The irony is that had he been at the meeting earlier he’d have seen several black and Muslim members! UKIP is no more… Read more »


Missed out ‘have experienced’ from my post, just for some clarification.

Internet dropped out and I had to rapidly type a new post – despite Brexit it came back again.


Can give you some navy news:

HMS Dragon is now at 8 drug busts. (was last reported as 6)

RN Armaments jetty in Scotland (Glen Malen) will be upgraded to host QE class carriers.

HMS Magpie is completing survey work of Portsmouth harbour.

HMS Dragon and HMS Duncan met up in the Med.

HMS Forth has sailed and is now undergoing sea trials.


-edit- UKDJ is currently authoring it’s 10,000 repetitive April fools articles, that’s why you’re not experiencing the RAF at it’s busiest for 27 years or the Dragon puffing away.

captain P Wash

Ha, Last Year’s was Epic. !

I love the Xmas one Too. Get’s me every Time.

Daniele Mandelli

Yes Lusty, I read of the Glen Mallen upgrade.

Next to one of Britain’s biggest underground weapons storage sites for those unaware. DM Glen Douglas.

One of the Forts was there the only time I visited.

I recall Farouk mentioned a visit to it on here a while back.


Indeed, it really is remarkable how much infrastructure we have in Scotland when compared to only one active naval base.

– Garelochhead
– Loch Striven
– Cambletown
– Loch Ewe

– Coulport
– Crombie
– Beith
– Glen Douglas
– Glen Mallen

– Rosyth/HMS Caledonia
– HMNB Clyde

Off topic, but I’d love for Rosyth to bear the ‘HMNB’ distinction. I mean, we’d need old Gav’ to magic us up some ships and acronyms first.

Daniele Mandelli

Morning Lusty.

You’re well informed, as I suspected.

Loss of infrastructure is what worries me particularly in the ongoing Independence desire, which saddens me greatly.

Have always been curious as to why the spread of NATO POL installations on the west coast. Away from nuclear targets? Or would they have been one themselves?

There are others that could be added to that list too, which I see is naval centric. Vulcan and the varied R&D establishments like Kyle of Lochalsh.

RN North Sea Fleet! Yeah nice one!


Morning Daniele.

Thanks, always an interesting debate to have.

Interestingly, I did list Vulcan, but removed it due to the ongoing decom efforts.

I would assume if independence were to be pushed, they would try and keep the navy base and the major auxiliary areas as SBAs. Though I would assume in the Cold War that they themselves would be a target, I guess the spread of them negates putting all your eggs in one basket.

The North Sea fleet does have a nice ring to it. as does the revived Mediterranean Fleet.