A fire has struck HMS Dragon, however crew extinguished the blaze before any damage was done.

The fire reportedly started inside a machinery area on the vessel while she was docked at Portsmouth Naval Base. It is understood crew were able to quell the fire before any serious damage was done.

A Royal Navy spokeswoman said, according to the Portsmouth News:

“The fire was rapidly extinguished by members of the ship’s company.

No-one was injured. The incident will now be subject to an investigation.”

Earlier in the year HMS Dragon rescued the fourteen crew of the British yacht Clyde Challenger which had been dismasted and was adrift in the Atlantic Ocean 1,130km south west of Land’s End, Cornwall.

HMS Dragon will remain at the base while the investigation takes place. The UK Defence Journal is awaiting comment from the Ministry of Defence on the issue.

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dadsarmy (@guest_371713)
7 years ago

Ouch. This will be all over the sensational hysterical press I daresay “Type 45 not fit for purpose, more problems” or something like that.

Oh yes I see it has “One of Britain’s £1 billion air defence warships damaged after FIRE breaks out on board”, with one of the pictures being of the Iron Duke.


Ian (@guest_372092)
7 years ago
Reply to  dadsarmy

Accudents happen. It was small, this time. Had it been a bit more serious we’d have been down to four. An Astute ran into a boat, it was not small and still out of action. My observation is we are so thin, when accidents happen the knock on unintended consequences could so easily spiral. These are ⚠️

andy reeves
andy reeves (@guest_371991)
7 years ago

the t45 has beenthe buttof years backstabbing, the fact that a s a warship it DOES what its designed to do ,and does it very,very well, its typical of the ‘wouldn’t have happened in my day’ mentality that afflicts everypart of life these days we should be proud of what we are good at and to hell with the rest.i wonder atwhat panic would set in if her maj. was to say she’d like t have a fleet eview!

andy reeves
andy reeves (@guest_371992)
7 years ago

here’s something for discussion, remember how the first carriers were from converted merchantmen. given the specs of h.m.s ocean, why cant a bay class have its superstructure removed, a full length deck fitted?hey presto, a helicopter landing platform without the full designl build, r&d e.t.c.

andy reeves
andy reeves (@guest_371993)
7 years ago

the t22 had all the requirements of a destroyer,put artisan,sea viper on one and you’ve have a destroyer at least as equal to any other except the t45