British niche capabilities would make a difference in Syria French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said.

The piece in the Guardian newspaper was published after Prime Minister David Cameron urged parliament on Thursday to back British air strikes against Islamic State in Syria.

David Cameron told MPs Britain could not “subcontract its security to other countries”.

Jean-Yves Le Drian wrote:

“We need British defence capabilities to win this war. The Royal Air Force is already in action over Iraq. Its involvement over Syria would make a practical difference.

The RAF has significant capabilities for precision air strikes, aerial reconnaissance and air-to-air refuelling support. On a daily basis, its Tornado aircraft and unmanned drones are causing very severe damage to Islamic State in Iraq. The use of these capabilities over Syria would put additional and extreme pressure on the terror network.”

Cameron also argued that particular capabilities of the RAF, Raptor reconnaissance pods on its Tornado aircraft and their ability to deliver small but highly accurate Brimstone missiles, provide something that others don’t have.

It is claimed that this “niche” capability is one that even the Americans don’t have and combined with the Raptor pod,  itself responsible for some 60% of the tactical intelligence gained over Iraq, is a useful capability to bring to the air war.


  1. “highly accurate Brimstone missiles, provide something that others don’t have.”

    Exactly and why don’t they have them, both France and the US lauded Brimstone in Libya 4 years ago. Politics and protecting local jobs?

  2. I hate to say this the only way this “war” on ISIS is going to be won is 1) Russia and the NATO powers working together
    2) Troops on the ground .
    3) US to stop trying to overthrow the Syrian government.
    And really cannot see all three happening.

  3. We’re so good at bombing brown kids, it’s amazing. The French aren’t too bad either, killed 28 children in a school the other day, that’ll reduce the number of terrorists…

  4. Support France. If we are to behave with honour we need to be there with our allies. I am saddened by the defeatist and I have to say forever moaning SNP but even worse is the tragedy of the once proud Labour Party. Where is their backbone. Broken or drowning under a morass of politically correct nonsense. STAND UP

      • I respect your opinion to disagree, but RAPTOR itself is mere photos and scanning, pretty sure it hasn’t killed “thousands of children” 🙂 though please do provide proof of that, would be interesting to read how “we” have failed in identifying targets and chain of command.

        Meanwhile, IS continue to do their thing against untold thousands in their occupied areas, and the Russians blanket bomb with a gusto. Please, do something!


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