French frigate FS Jean Bart came under command of HMS Albion and her Littoral Response Group task group for combined exercises off Cyprus, say the Royal Navy.

The Toulon-based frigate linked up with the British task group – HMS Albion, HMS Dragon and amphibious support ship RFA Lyme Bay – for EXERCISES in the eastern Mediterranean including air defence, joint manoeuvres and practice Replenishment at Sea.

The Royal Navy say that the only stores transferred by the line linking Albion with Jean Bart was a ceremonial plaque from the UK flagship and a bottle of champagne in return.

“It is a real pleasure to work with our French allies during this phase of the deployment,” said Lieutenant Commander David Knowles, the task group navigator.

“It is vital that we maintain and build on our strong ties with other nations during these challenging times, and working alongside FS Jean Bart only strengthens our presence.”

Commander Deschamps, Captain of FS Jean Bart, said:

“The Littoral Response Group deployment once again demonstrates the entire interoperability between the French and the Royal Navy in all kinds of operational environments. As British destroyers usually escort French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, the Jean Bart can join a multi-combat amphibious task-force sent to one of the most strategic areas of the world and take part in the development of new British capabilities.”

The Royal Navy add that the LRG(X) deployment focuses on supporting NATO allies and regional partners in the Mediterranean, North Africa and Black Sea region, “as well as testing Future Navy and Future Commando Force equipment, tactics and concepts”.

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Daniele Mandelli

I just looked her up. Well armed vessel for 4000 tonnes?

Also, is it me or is her main mast extremely tall compared to her length?


It still uses the old school mark 13 launcher, if there is any feed issues with it the frigate is defenseless. I think it’s due for replacement shortly either by the AAW FREMM or the new FTI Frigates France has designed. The French definitly know how to make attractive ships even if they do cut corners on armament, a bit like the Mod these days


To be fair, even the USN has cut Harpoon from their Burkes, and some of the mid-flight ones didn’t have Phalanx as I recall (yes, I know there are some wildly varying opinions as to its effectiveness). What with the semi active seekers on the AAW weapons used (until they get the SM-6 and AN/SPY6), the current loadout on a Burke is really quite similar in effect to a T45, except they carry a few TLAM.


Yes but she is also older than our oldest T23.

Daniele Mandelli

Yes, I read that, launched in 88. I was struck by her profile more than anything.

Supportive Bloke

Usually it’s beam that is related to mast height and therefore stability. Look at the height of the main radar on Albion and FS Jean Bart. It is much higher on Albion. I’d prefer the 32 Ceptor on the T23 or T26 to this arrangement. Ceptor has better capabilities. The Exocet is about as useful as Harpoon and TBH more of a mess to maintain. I agree there is a lot of kit for a ‘small’ frigate. But look at the crew size – must cost a fortune to run for something that isn’t really first rate. I’d more compare… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Thanks for the more detailed explanation SB. I did not consider the beam, interesting.

It’s refreshing to see, when we lament issues with the RN, that other navies too have their issues, old ships, 2nd rate assets, and so on.


Hi Daniele, remember too, that a lot of the early flight Arleigh Burkes are soldiering on from from the same late 80s time period. Of course, the USN has an awful lot of them, but I can’t imagine the crews particularly enjoy sailing on them…!

Terence Patrick Hewett

The MoD are taking back control of our nuclear warheads from Serco, Lockheed Martin et al.

Jaysus we’re doomed.

john melling

FS Jean Bart is going to be replaced by two FREMM aka Aquitaine-class AAW variants

Last edited 4 months ago by john melling