The exercise was halted after a French landing craft ran aground, damaging one of its propellers.

The first joint exercise in Guam involving troops from the US, France, Japan and the UK was aimed to uphold the right of free passage in the international waters.

US Navy chief of staff in the region Captain Jeff Grimes told reporters he was not sure when the drills would resume.

The drills would have given troops practice of amphibious landings, delivering forces by helicopters and conducting patrols.

Earlier in the year we reported that France would deploy a Mistral class amphibious assault ship to lead exercises on and around Tinian island in the Pacific.

It is understood that the deployment features Japanese and US personnel and British transport helicopters.

According to reports, the exercise will take place in the second week of May this year.

“Rather than just being a naval exercise, this amphibious exercise will send a clear message to China” said one of the sources according to a report by Reuters here.



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