According to local media, the fuel used by the German Tornado fleet appears to have been mixed with ‘too much bio-diesel’.

According to news site Frankfurter Allgemeine, this was noticed during a routine check last Monday:

“The tolerance values ​​are minimally exceeded,” said Colonel Kristof Conrath of the Tactical Air Force Squadron 51. “It’s not that the aircraft would fall from the sky. For safety reasons, all tanks of the aircraft must be flushed.”

It is understood that this breakdown is particularly annoying for the Luftwaffe, as training of new Tornado pilots is already three months behind.

This comes after we reported that The German military is under-equipped to take on its upcoming role as leader of NATO’s Russian-aimed Very High Readiness Joint Task Force.

The Bundeswehr is due to take over leadership of NATO’s multinational Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) at the start of next year, but doesn’t have enough tanks, a leaked Defence Ministry document said.

Specifically, the Bundeswehr’s ninth tank brigade in Münster only has nine operational Leopard 2 tanks — even though it promised to have 44 ready for the VJTF — and only three of the promised 14 Marder armored infantry vehicles.

The paper also revealed the reason for this shortfall: a lack of spare parts and the high cost and time needed to maintain the vehicles. It added that it was also lacking night-vision equipment, automatic grenade launchers, winter clothing and body armor.

The German air force is also struggling to cover its NATO duties, the document revealed. The Luftwaffe’s main forces — the Eurofighter and Tornado fighter jets and its CH-53 transport helicopters — are only available for use an average of four months a year — the rest of the time the aircraft are grounded for repairs and rearmament.



  1. Germany, an inspiration to Russia’s new Sun Tzu policy of not having to do anything to an enemy’s forces…
    All submarines and most frigates are out of commission, due to repairs and faulty equipment.
    Most Leopard MBT’s and Marder IFVs out of commission due to lack of spares.
    All Tornado’s have the wrong fuel in their tanks and are now out of commission.
    Ursula von der Leyen.. now might be a very good time to stop posing for photo opportunities – and actually get to work on giving your forces what they need.
    Embarrassing… very very embarrassing

  2. Twenty years of inadequate defence spending by Germany and other NATO has created a huge deficit in warfighting capability, if it was not for the USAs NATO commitment the continent would no viable defence strategy.

    • Not much of a Trump fan but on this he’s dead right.

      Europe must stop taking the **** and step up to the plate.

      That includes us, we’ve just not got as far to climb.

      • Bang on. Trump is right about MANY things in fact. I don’t like some of what he says but boy yes often he’s right.

        But lefties always have one rule for Trump and one for everything else.

        • Daniele – I am waiting for the early morning Trump Tweet informing Europe he is pulling all US Forces back to the UK. THAT would set the hounds running in Brussels and Paris …

        • Trump seems so blunt on many issues but love him for it even if I don’t agree with everything he says.
          He’s a corrective measure generated from far too many years of the progressive left .
          I think what has happened is simple:
          The middle ground has been corrected and has caught both the left and right out.

          • Trump is not a diplomat and he tells unpleasant home truths openly. Sophisticated society is so used to being lied to that it can’t actually stomach the butter truth.

            Easier to demand gun control than accept most of these killers come from dysfunctional families and are on powerful psychoactive drugs. This way flakey liberals can push their progressive agenda without ever having to own up to and take responsibility for the shit thier social policies have caused.

  3. 100% correct Ian.
    The Germans turn all their money into national investment and infrastructure.
    They economically beat us hands down because of that.
    No £14 billion a year given away in foreign aid.
    They cream off the rest of the EU and use the Euro as a devalued currency (compared to what would have happened if Germany had retain the deutschmark) to drive German growth and economic prosperity.
    Under invest in the insurance policy that is their armed forces and this is the result. Hardly a militarily viable ally when their entire offensive airforce, submarine and most of their frigate fleet are out of action.
    In the days before NATO they would never have allowed this as they would have been invaded and conquered by Russia, France or Poland. What a disgrace. We need to get out the EU and leave this self appreciating back slapping Muppets to themselves. We have carried Europe for too long, they need to stand on their own Germanic feet.

    • Mr bell – I am no German apologist and feel it has manipulated EU Policy and Currency Union for its sole benefit at the cost of others. which shows just how utterly self serving and disgraceful their lack of military spending has become.

      However I must gently mention this quote regarding Foreign Aid:
      “A massive aid recipient half a century ago, Germany is now the third largest donor for official development assistance, after the United States and the United Kingdom”

      Last figures available (2015) show the UK @ $18.7 Bn and Germany @ $17.8 Bn for spending on Foreign Aid.

      • Agree Chris, but must be taken in context of the respective countries GDP.
        The figures look somewhat different when you compare UK & German GDP.

    • And this is why we are better off out. The EU is just a political vehicle for allowing German dominance of the continent without having to really do anything.

      In my opinion, Germany is slowly imploding. Their military is just one example of a society in a state of slow mo collapse. At a footy game recently between a Polish and German team, the supporters of the former unfurled a banner declaring: defend your women not Polish democracy. Even Germany’s much vaunted industry is struggling… Whether it’s an airport 10 years overdue or dieselgate. On all fronts German dominance seems to be receding. Look at the government they’ve got now, a coalition of losers, desperate to stop the one party that is willing, in Trump like fashion, to tell it like it is, unfortunately that very same party seems to have some very ugly adherents amongst their ranks with highly questionable beliefs.

  4. All we hear and see is the fingers up to anyone outside of the Reich.
    It is an insult to our stretched armed forces that we have to cover such
    a useless country. New oil pipe line and a seat in the Kremlin for all German
    politicians is the norm l believe. We are not Europeans thank god . One of
    the few things Trump is right NATO is a joke and we should get out of that
    as well. We do not need it, Germany does but expects us to pay for it.

  5. First not enough modern tanks leading many to be withdrawn, secondly no submarine deterrence after they too were put out of action and now Germany’s closest thing to a 5th generation aircraft is being grounded. Seriously Merkel where on earth were your priorities? It seems now all the Germans have for the worst possible outbreak of war is to send their already evermore fibre glass plastic faux leather Bmw’s, Audi’s and Mercedes into action but don’t worry many come with sport mode!

  6. I know it sounds extreme but threaten Germany being thrown out of NATO. It’s about mutual security and they’re not pulling their weight. So why should the rest of the NATO countries defend them.

  7. The German’s pacifist stance needs to change. Whilst I empathise with their reluctance to return, as they would see it, to a militaristic international posture they are really now in a state of I’m alright Jack denial regarding the threat from Putin.
    He is waiting for the EU’s defence ambitions to undermine NATO. Macron and Merkel are running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. I was pleased to read that Merkel and May had agreed to a defence and security pact outside the Brexit negotiations.
    We need a much more assertive response to Putins asymmetric tactics. New TV stations would be nice; Britain Today, Germany Today. We need to empower the opposition to Putin. Every time a Russian ‘volunteer’ in Syria or the Ukraine is killed in action the body bag pictures should reach the Russian people, too many of whom think the sun shines out of Putin’s [email protected]
    If internal German politics make re-arming difficult they should at least make sure the forces they have are effective. They should replace their Tornados with Brimstone equipped Typhoons and as a quid pro quo the UK should get German companies to upgrade Challenger, we should buy Boxer APCs and UK armour should be based once more in Germany. There are business deals to be done and jobs to be created.

  8. There are many reasons for Germany’s deterioration of it’s armed forces. First,it’s purposely underfunded by it’s own government.Secondly, conscription was eliminated and draws on volunteers, but fails to meet quotas.Thirdly, its restricted in treaties by short-sighted politicians to limited numbers and weapons. Lastly, there are anti-nationalist, anti-patriotic, and anti-military elements in German society that contributing to its weaken state.
    I also may add that Frau Leyden.has not worn a uniform in the Bundeswehr and has no business being a defence minister. Until this woman is removed from office and the issues are addressed, then the German armed forces will surrender without a shot.
    NOTE : I was former United States Army in Germany and worked with B.A.O.R and Bundeswehr.

  9. Maybe we’re all just missing the point.
    Degrade your military to such a level that then you can sell the federalised EU Army/Navy/Air Force
    to the rest of Europe, ensuring they pay to keep you safe. Perhaps they see the writing is on the wall for NATO as they will want more countries to “step up” to their commitments.
    This way they can dominate even more of the European integration strategy.

  10. The Luftwaffe can have all our superbly maintained and fully working ex RAF Tornados next year.

    Oh wait no ….

    They don’t actually do attacking people these days do they ….

  11. Chris…do you actually want Germany to start being more militarily aggressive? Personally no, too many lives were lost defeating Germany in 2 World Wars.
    I would however much prefer that they actually contributed something to NATOs collective defence. Or here is an alternative idea if unwilling. How about paying ukplc back some of the hundreds of billions £ we have spent since WW2 garrisoning Germany and keeping our armed forces there even to this bloody day.
    That is never going to happen. And then the EU say we owe them a divorce bill. Give me a break the whole lot of them would be wearing swastikas and marching in goose step if it was not for the UK, USA and our allies,

    • Mr Bell – Are we not ‘attacking’ Isis / Daesh in Iraq and Syria? I specifically used that word as that is what NATO does as a combined body when needed. Except Germany doesn’t.

      No I do not want a militarily aggressive Germany in Europe again but neither have I wanted a financially and economically aggressive Germany either but that is what we have had for more than 20 years. Now if Germany wants the economic, trade and financial benefits of freedom then it must be prepared to pay for the defence of that freedom and not, as Germany and others have done, freeload off the USA and UK. While incidentally being aggressive towards the UK in non military terms (like devaluing the Dmark by inventing the Frankfurt controlled Euro.)

      Now having said that you and me are totally on the same page with regard to who should pay what (or rather not pay what) to the EU. We do have a commitment to 2020 as regards the EU spending budget (so at tops one years contribution of £13 Bn) and we must always honour our commitments but more than that? No. And if they really get awkward we should demand our 13% of the ECB we funded as founders and shareholders. Worth about 55.5 Bn Euros. And then our share of all the buildings and assets given we have been the only continual and 2nd largest contributor to the EEC / EU. And yes a very big bill for the excess costs to us of defending their freedoms for 70+ years ….

      And as you mentioned it WWII cost the UK £120 Bn in 1945 money …… Some £4,896 Bn today…….

    • If it kicks off in Europe you will see that Germany is an Ally, how good an Ally is up for debate. I wish people would move on from WW1 and WW2 when referring to modern day UK and DE.

  12. […] According to a report by UK Defence Journal, the German Luftwaffe’s force of Tornado IDS strike aircraft has been grounded. The reason? Too much biodiesel in the fuel mix. As a result, these potent strike aircraft are out of action until their fuel tanks can be flushed, new-pilot training is now three months behind schedule, and the Germans may not be able to lead the NATO force slated to counter Russian aggression, the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, next year. […]

  13. […] According to a report by UK Defence Journal, the German Luftwaffe’s force of Tornado IDS strike aircraft has been grounded. The reason? Too much biodiesel in the fuel mix. As a result, these potent strike aircraft are out of action until their fuel tanks can be flushed, new-pilot training is now three months behind schedule, and the Germans may not be able to lead the NATO force slated to counter Russian aggression, the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, next year. […]


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