Construction firm reports 30 to 40 intrusion attempts by hackers everyday.

Shipbuilders bidding to construct the next generation of submarines for the Royal Australian Navy are reporting multiple hacking attempts with the German firm ThyssenKrupp saying there are 30 to 40 intrusion attempts every day.

All parties have declined to formally point the finger at one specific party, but rumours suggest that most attacks come from Russian and Chinese sources.

According to current estimations, the subs will be delivered to the Australian Royal Navy by mid-2020s.

There is no evidence the hacks have been successful, but the number of attempts is forcing the companies to hand-deliver the most sensitive information to ensure its safety.

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Howie Elliott

will be China and N Koreans….

Andy Christie

Blatantly it was the Chinese they have no original ideas of their own. They are the ripoff merchants of the world. If I was Chinese I would be embarrassed that my country is ripping of every nations products and ideas and trying to sell it as their own.

David L Thomas

Could be dangerous if it falls in the wrong hand this blueprint – a terrorist could find a weakness and plan a devasting attack.

Andy Christie

What a Bunch of dirt bags. China you should be ashamed, how can you hold your heads high Ripping off other country’s innovations.

Andy Berry

these blueprints, surely, would not be on computers available to the internet, would they? submarines have some of the highest levels of security (the ones people don’t tend to think exist above the actually low security level of ‘top secret’) so i really hope they’re not potentially available to the internet, regardless of the number of firewalls etc protecting them…

Paul Linfield

One persons view of ripping off, is another persons creative expediency. And don’t for one moment think that Britons (and Americans) haven’t been quick to do the same over the years.
Not saying it’s right, just saying…

jon livesey

Well, that’s very PC, of course. But what do you need to rip off if you are ahead of other countries in technology?