HMS Albion has already stormed Cornish beaches and launched an attack on a Cornish fortress say the Royal Navy.

According to a press release, this is the final hurdle the sailors and Royal Marines must overcome to prove they are ready for the potential real challenges ahead. The training includes everything from diplomacy through to delivering humanitarian aid and a full-scale amphibious landing.

After a two-year £90m refit to bring the ship back into service following four years in extended readiness in her home base of Devonport in Plymouth,  the assault ship has undergone extensive trials and training since returning to sea in the summer.

“The goal is to be ready to relieve HMS Ocean as Britain’s flagship and the on-call amphibious vessel, ready to respond to world events at immediate notice from the spring of 2018.

Operational training begins at a fairly low intensity, gradually building up to simulate all-out conflict, large-scale civilian evacuations and full-on amphibious operations. So the cavernous vehicle deck has been filled with 150 tonnes of equipment and vehicles from the Commando Logistics Regiment from North Devon.

Some 500 Royal Marines – drawn from across the Corps – have joined the ship, plus the staff of 3 Commando Brigade and the Commander Amphibious Task Group. Seventy officer cadets from Britannia Royal Naval College at Dartmouth are also aboard for their first extended period of time at sea who joined the ship from landing craft when HMS Albion was conducting training around the Dart estuary.

Merlin helicopters from the ‘Flying Tigers’ of 814 NAS and maritime Wildcat of 815 NAS have been on and off the flight deck around the clock delivering personnel and equipment.”

HMS Albion is expected to complete training in December and after a Christmas leave, further exercises are lined up for the beginning of 2018 before the assault ship relieves HMS Ocean.

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Geoffrey Roach
Geoffrey Roach (@guest_391653)
3 years ago

May a long and significant service lay ahead before your paying off pennant flutters in the wind.?!

Rover10 (@guest_391660)
3 years ago
Reply to  Geoffrey Roach

One hopes that at least one of the ships is retained. I still believe in retaining ships in reserve and with technology advancing in storage techniques, some of the perils of the past are diminishing.

Mr Bell
Mr Bell (@guest_391659)
3 years ago

Sounds familliar HMS Ocean had a £70 million 2 year refit then is slatted for early selling off. Now ALBION has received a £90 million refit courtesy of uk taxpayers so she too can be easily sold to foreign powers. I hope I am utterly wrong and can bow my head in shame for even voicing these concerns. If the new Fresh Prince of Bell Air (the new DS) reads UKDJ please do not sell of our few remaining warships and our costly amphibious capabilities. We might need them some day soon in the unpredictable future. someone needs to remind… Read more »

Ian (@guest_391668)
3 years ago

New flag ship has become a RN death warrant

Daniele Mandelli
Daniele Mandelli (@guest_391671)
3 years ago

I will block the negative trend.

I think Albion and Bulwark will be retained.

I think the political fall out will be horrendous and they will find something else to cut that does not remove a capability.

Steven (@guest_391679)
3 years ago

Exactly, it is like the BBC threatening to scrap it’s most popular TV shows if they don’t get the license increase they say they need. It is all about pushing people’s buttons to get a backlash against the Treasury before any funding decision is made.

Geoffrey Roach
Geoffrey Roach (@guest_391827)
3 years ago

Me too…fingers crossed!

JohnStevens (@guest_391673)
3 years ago

Hope your correct Daniele..