EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Type 45 Destroyer HMS Daring has demonstrated her firepower before she departs on deployment, showing what a fully armed warship can do.

In footage obtained by the UK Defence Journal, we see the launch of an Aster missile. Aster is primarily operated by France, Italy, and the United Kingdom and is an integrated component of the PAAMS air-defence missile system, known in the Royal Navy as Sea Viper.

As the principal weapon of the PAAMS system, Aster equips the British Type 45 destroyers and French/Italian Horizon class frigates.

This demonstration of capability comes at an important time for the Type 45 Destroyer fleet, with the announcement the the class will receive new engines and a temporary fix until those new engines.

The class has long been overshadowed by reliability issues, centring on the power packs and intakes. Making them notorious for high maintenance time.

Credit: UK Defence Journal
Credit: UK Defence Journal

Launched at Scotstoun in Glasgow almost exactly ten years ago, Daring sailed into her home port Portsmouth almost three years to the day later.

After extensive trials and training, including working with the USS Enterprise battle group in 2010, and the firing of her Sea Viper main weapon system the following spring, the destroyer conducted her maiden deployment to the Gulf in 2012, followed by a ‘world tour’ spanning 2013-14.

HMS Daring was diverted to assist the people of the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, earning the prestigious Firmin Sword of Peace for their efforts. Her crew assisted around 10,000 people whose homes or livelihoods had been destroyed by the storm.

HMS Daring is due to be deployed at the start of September.

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Malcolm Burr
5 years ago

Was that taken in the channel

Rhys Faulkner
5 years ago
Reply to  Malcolm Burr

Looks like it, but I’m not too sure.

Jason Bartlett
5 years ago

Nice to see some positive news about the t45 for a change.

Jack William Millen
5 years ago

“Would that be the coffee in her galley that’s gone off because she’s been in port so long because her engines are inside out because she was as built in Guatemala…? Obviously this ship is useless….”

According to some well-respected tabloids

Darren Matthews
5 years ago

Who needs GTs and DGs when you’ve got Aster! Joke

5 years ago

I’m looking forward to seeing an equivalent video of Sea Ceptor firing (off the first T-23 to get it I assume). I want to see that soft-launch piston throwing it 30m (I think) into the air before the rocket ignites.

John Hampson
John Hampson
5 years ago

Immense Firepower ????? Who are you kidding. Only 1 main gun. ZERO defences against approaches from rear 1/3rd. Incapable of defending against swarm attacks. Like all navy vessels utterly underarmed and every potential adversary is not fooled by MOD propaganda.

Lindsay Baker
5 years ago

It’s a shame the naval 155 mm gun was cancelled it would have brought back the biff

Carl Vincent
5 years ago

I will be happy when they install the MK 54