HMS Dragon practiced defending American aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower from aerial threats as she warmed up for operational training with the UK’s Carrier Strike Group.

The Royal Navy say that the Type 45 Destroyer brings specialist air defence capabilities to carrier missions, using high-powered surveillance radars to scope out potential enemies and, if needs be, eliminate them.

“HMS Dragon can take on aircraft, missiles or drones to protect carriers using the warship’s Sea Viper missile system. It is a vital role when undertaking Carrier Strike Group (CSG) operations.

During her week-long exercises with the USS Eisenhower-led Carrier Strike Group off the east coast of the USA, HMS Dragon protected the air, learning how air defence operations are conducted within a US task group, and reaffirming bonds with the US Navy.”

The Royal Navy add that part of that saw members of HMS Dragon’s Ship’s Company head over to the USS San Jacinto, working closely with US counterparts and taste life on an American cruiser.

Some US sailors also headed over to the British destroyer.

“We’ve been very closely linked with the USS San Jacinto which is the air and missile defence commander for the USS Eisenhower seeing how they conduct air defence operations, and taking some very valuable lessons back to the UK Carrier Strike Group,” said Commander Giles Palin, Commanding Officer of HMS Dragon.

“It’s also been a really good opportunity to get our sailors across to our US colleagues, so that they can experience life in the US Navy – whilst, at the same time, inviting some of the US sailors over to HMS Dragon, so that they can see what life is like in the Royal Navy.”

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Bet the yanks loved that, getting off a dry ship

Dave in Pompey

Oh how they liked having a wet or three!!


And if they get pissed they can always claim diplomatic immunity!


Do the yank captains not even have a drinks cabinet or are they 100% dry ships?.

I love old Royal Navy films like “battle of the river plate” where the Commodore (Anthony Quayle) Asks where the yard arm is so they can all get a good Stiff Drink. I wonder how long until it’s banned, But it’s part of the Royal Navy history going right back to grog so I hope it’s not banned.


They are only notionally dry. For example I doubt there is ship in the Navy without at least one still. Another relatively common work around is that Captains will have the the Chaplain take on some additional “Sacramental” alcohol and the doctor some “medicinal rum”.
As for how long it’s been banned? President Woodrow Wilson got rid of it, at the same time he tried with much less success to chase the prostitutes away from Army and Navy bases. He was always a moralizing prude probably came with running Princeton.


Much as I admire Wilson’s liberal ethics, he really was killjoy! And look who followed him, good old Warren ‘this job is going to kill me’…and it did!