The United Kingdoms Disposal Services Authority is inviting expressions of interest for the sale of the former HMS Endurance for “further use or recycling”.

Viewings of the vessel are to take place late September and early October. The notice of sale can be found here.

HMS Endurance was an icebreaker in the Royal Navy between 1991 and 2008. The vessel was originally built in Norway as MV Polar Circle and was chartered by the Royal Navy in 1991 as HMS Polar Circle before being purchased and renamed HMS Endurance in 1992.

In 2008 while on deployment in the South Altantic, Endurance suffered extensive flooding to her machinery spaces and lower decks resulting in the near loss of the ship. After her return to Portsmouth it was decided, eventually, that she would be scrapped or sold. She has since been replaced by HMS Protector.


  1. HMS Protector is ice-strenghtened, but she is not an ice breaker like HMS Endurance. The Natural Environment Research Council are building a new polar research vessel wlis expected to be an ice breaker though.


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