British helicopter carrier HMS Ocean has docked in Haifa, Israel today.

It is understood to be a routine port visit.

HMS Ocean is a 22,000 tonne amphibious assault ship, the UK’s helicopter carrier and the fleet flagship of the Royal Navy. She is designed to support amphibious landing operations and to support the staff of Commander UK Amphibious Force and Commander UK Landing Force.

This comes not long after news of the rumoured purchase of HMS Ocean by the Brazilian Navy.

We understand from Roberto Lopes via e-mail, the source who let us know that Brazil has already submitted a payment plan for the vessel, that the officers involved in the ship acquisition process are optimistic and are already discussing details beyond the technical and financial assessments that have been made, such as the name of the ship.



  1. Now, if I were campaigning to save the ships Ocean, Albion & Bulwark and a few thousand Royal Marines, I would be letting the House of Commons Defence Committee know my views direct rather than being an armchair admiral writing essays on here. 😉

    House of Commons Select Committee on Defence – The Royal Marines and UK amphibious capability web forum

    • TH, the outraged armchair beurcrat wanting to dismantle the armed forces and writing essay long comments to that effect, calls the kettle black.

      Seen everything now.

      • Hardly outraged, ‘beurcrat’ – mmm, not sure what that is. When I went to school I was taught to spell ‘bureaucrat’ accordingly but can’t account for poor education, I never write essay long postings and I have an electric kettle which doesn’t go black. So, all in all, shows what a little twat you are, doesn’t it Lewis?

        Now, have you been a good little boy and written your piece on the Defence Select Committee’s website and if so, better have mummy check your spelling and grammar?

        • TH – I had you down being many stupid things but a spelling Nazi? Oh and by the way sarcasm IS the lowest form of wit. So maybe stop trying to be clever Old Son you really do not have the resources.

          “I would love to have a battle of wits with you Sir but sadly you appear unarmed”
          Never was a truer word said.

          I am all for technology but sadly the t’internet gives space for people (like you) to stereotype people so you can justify your nonsense.

          Those who have an interest in the well being of UK Defence Forces? – “Armchair Generals”

          Those who prefer not to be in the EU? – “Little Englanders” (or worse)

          When you can argue a factual statement then maybe we will take you seriously. Until then you are seen to be acting like the local Village Idiot of the site.

          • Good Lord, another ill educated buffoon. All I wanted to do was to direct the armchair admirals to something positive they could do rather than mutually pleasuring each other here. Check your appalling use of capitals and whilst you are at it, I am not your ‘Old Son’ (sic), corporal.

          • And whilst we are at it Corporal, I achieved more response on a petition to clean up dog mess in the park than the paltry 345 responses on the Defence Select Committee forum. Now, why don’t you toddle off and compile a carefully worded and I would suggest in your case, proof read, response and enter it on the forum. That as well as sharing it to others for support. Better than playing with yourself here with your box of tissues kept carefully convenient, ‘Old Son’ (sic)

            House of Commons Select Committee on Defence – The Royal Marines and UK amphibious capability web forum


          • TH – ‘Check your appalling use of capitals’? WTF?
            OK Mr Spelling Nazi do show us where my grammar (which is the use of capital letters) or punctuation (which dictates the use of capital letters) is in any way incorrect.

            And oh dear did I offend your sensibilities with a bit of old banter ‘Old Son’? It seems you are rather good at dishing out some pretty foul personal abuse but you can’t take a bit of banter. Still of such stuff are the self-righteous superior beings made apparently.

            I do my research, have my personal experiences on which to fall back and make my opinions known on here. People are free to agree or disagree and they have done both but unlike insecure little petals like yourself I feel no need to be ‘supported’. Shall we all form a ring of chairs and share our issues Sweetie? In the immortal words of one Rhett Butler (note the capital letters) ‘Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn’

            Its called free speech for me and them and some tetchy little numbnut peddling sarcasm and inane abuse like you will not stop me. Act like a ‘chimp’ (Google it) and you will be addressed as such

  2. Morning
    If people are going to write to the committee, I am sure there will be a few I would suggest leaving emotion and views in future force structures etc. out of it.
    Select Committee evidence and submissions need to be very specific to the question asked and are not necessarily looking for people’s views on what they think the government is doing wrong (3% GDP on defence etc).
    Look at the facts, what the government wants it’s military to do, look at the tools the military best think fulfills that requirement.
    The link below should help

      • That’s a few times you’ve put down that blog and the writer.

        The amount of time, effort and research he puts into that blog should earn him a degree of respect, not a bigoted comment about him not being British.

        • WHAT?!

          I was emphasising the amount of love and effort he puts in to talking about armed forces which are not of his country.

          Compared to others who are British.

          No offence intended or meant and for your info I am in email contact with him and guess what he’s not offended as there is no need to be.

          Good Lord KieranC you have really got the wrong end of the stick.


          Dear oh dear, you’re clueless.

          And you say that is a few times I’ve mentioned him.

          YES because he’s so damned excellent!

          And you say I’M bigoted.

          • I’m Fuming.

            That peoples brains think like that is really quite frightening.

            To pay someone a complement as I did, and to be called a “bigot”

            Worst thing i have seen on this website.

  3. As regards HMS Ocean I have no issues at all with her honourable retirement and sale to a friendly country. The role she fulfils can be more than covered by QE or PoW, when needed, but we have to accept that Amphibious support will be just a part of their purpose in service.

    The two key ships are Albion and Bulwark. That they are being ‘rotated’ is again OK by me as it helps with costs and upkeep. Both could be deployed when really needed. Given Bulwark is only 12 years into her 25 year service life and Albion is barely 2 years older they have many years left to offer. Despite that we should build 2 ‘Albion MkII’ ships using all the system technology we created for QE, the radars from Type 45 and have them big enough to deliver Challenger tanks. At £225 Mn per ship in 2004(ish) (£317 Mn now) that is a round of drinks in the MoD budget. And it would kickstart the National Shipbuilding Strategy for real. So not a huge amount of money to build with MT30 turbine and QE type Electric drive to enable lower running costs and ‘fleet standard’ support.

    When built we can then either pension off the Albions or, preferably, keep them in reserve for surge needs as required. This country has become rather too good at scrapping ships (and giving the benefits to the likes of Turkey) when countries like the USA mothball ships for the ‘What If’ scenario.

    I have believed for some while the MoD should establish the MT30 and a supporting Wartsilla diesel with an electric boat architecture as a ‘Fleet standard’ unit of power across all surface ships built. EVERY ship. Just multiples thereof for larger ships. That way we hold fewer spares, develop better reliability and staff will be competent no matter what the ship.

  4. Or better still next year do not send £465 million to Pakistan on foreign aid, when Pakistan is a nuclear armed state. Use that one years donation to Pakistan to build the RN a new LPHD. Simple.
    Ignore TH everyone, we all know he is sat in the basement of the Kremlin trying to undermine British lobbying to maintain reasonably strong armed forces and his ambition in life is to be the voice of Putin and what remains of what was once called the KGB.

  5. TH, I suggest you go back to complaining about dog meds pal because frankly you’re not needed or wanted here.

    I find your general attitude about the armed forces offensive in the extreme. I don’t proudly serve my country to have its role belittled by idiots like you. Please go away!

    It’s about time the government showed that the armed forces are valued through actions, not meaningless words and ‘lean iniatives’ which are just cuts being given a fancy title.

    How can the government possible expect to maintain numbers, or indeed gain new recruits when the armed forces budget can be so easily be hacked up, with personnel and equipment sacked and retired without thought for the defence of this country.

  6. I too am ex-Andrew. But you are bang out of order digging at TH. You should be having a go at the bloody government and filling out that survey.

  7. Harold that’s your opinion, but TH is merely a trolling nuisance on this website.

    Even if he had a point, it’s his tone and attitude that gets people’s backs up.

    So I stand by comments. He’s an arse.


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