Taking a break from trials, aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to visit New York.

The Ministry of Defence have not confirmed the date and time of the visit but do say that special guests and American media are expected to visit the warship.

Some have claimed this will occur this week.

HMS Queen Elizabeth left her home port of Portsmouth in August, crossing the Atlantic to conduct the flying trials as well as training with the US Navy.

More than 1,400 sailors, flight crew and Royal Marines have been working on board the carrier during her deployment.

The deployment, known as ‘WESTLANT 18’, was the first-time HMS Queen Elizabeth will have sailed across the Atlantic. As well as the vital deck trials, the Royal Navy say it will also involve exercises to prove the ability to operate with other nations’ maritime and aviation assets, as well as the landing of Royal Marines and their equipment ashore in the United States, to conduct training with their US counterparts.

The carrier was joined by Type-23 Frigate HMS Monmouth, as well as Merlin Mk2 helicopters from 820 Naval Air Squadron, RNAS Culdrose, Mk 4 Merlins from 845 Naval Air Squadron, RNAS Yeovilton and a contingent of Royal Marines from 42 Commando, Plymouth.

It is understood that around 200 trials support staff will be joined by two ‘orange wired’ F-35 test aircraft, belonging to the Integrated Test Force (ITF), which are expected to conduct 500 take offs and landings during their 11-week period at sea.

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Good job this does not coincide with New York Fleet Week because that would be very very messy!
Anyway, its an excellent run ashore so enjoy… its not that often that the RN visits the Big Apple.


It will certainly make for a good photo opportunity to see HMS Queen Elizabeth enter New York Harbour.
At the moment the Royal Navy & RFA are simultaneously involved in Westland 18, Saif Sareea 111, and Trident Juncture.


HMS Queen Elizabeth entering New York harbour will make for a great photo opportunity.
The RN & RFA are currently and simultaneously involved in Saif Sareera 111, Westlant 18, and Trident Juncture. But you wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media. The BBC are pathetic in their military coverage.


They also have a Jaguar F type with a F35 skin on board. Nice photo op. Hopefully the new top gear lot do versus on the qnlz of jaguar v f35 like they did with the eurofighter a few years back 🙂 can they get “the stig” to do a lap of the top deck and hangar? 🙂


(Chris H) Jack – That post was dated the 17th so ‘tomorrow’ meant at anchor on the 18th. Or yesterday … (If you aren’t confused I am …)


Which old carrier was that-looks like Bulwark or Albion?

Captain P Wash

HMS Ark Royal, Before her Refit, I think It was In the Mid 1960’s. Just before my time.

Captain P Wash

Mid 50’s. Sorry, Failing Hand Eye Co-ordination.


Sorry-my comment was in reply to Jack’s post


Googled it -RO9 the old Ark Royal. What put me off was the lack of an angled deck. Must have been done in a subsequent re-fit?


Well my friend will enjoy the American girls on his visit to port, he did so when they landed in Florida!

Having a British accent was a “cheat code” to American women he said!

God save the Royal Navy






The Ark Royal R09 visted New York in 1957, here are a few more photos from the IWM.

Bloke down the pub

‘The carrier was joined by RFA Tiderace and Type-23 Frigate HMS Monmouth’

Tiderace is still in Plymouth and QNLZ has been receiving fuel from USNS tankers.

David Steeper

Will this comment be accepted ?


I hope they publish the timings. I work in NY and will make time to step over to (presumably) the West Side to go see her. Alternatively, watching her enter the harbor from the Verazzano Bridge would just be amazing!


(Chris H) – at 11:54 PM – 17 Oct 2018 Twitter Navy was reporting she was “due to drop anchor in New York tomorrow”

Which I take to mean today the 18th ….


At this rate more Americans will have been on QNLZ than Brits. Why hasn’t it anchored in London yet?

captain P Wash

I believe there are more Brits in New York !


I was at the downtown helipad this morning close to my office, sat on the pontoon was a Merlin with the advance party. The crew were outside, I spoke with them – they’re in NY for 7 days and QE will down anchor off the governor’s island. Will be catching Staten Island Ferry later to get best views