Defence Submersibles International have shown off their new Diver Delivery Craft at UDT 2018 in Glasgow today.

At the stand, we were told that trials have not yet taken place for the craft but they’re expected towards the end of this year.

We also understand that a few countries are interested in this platform but regrettably, we were not told what countries those were.

Defence Submersibles International says it offers a comprehensive range of subsea and general engineering design and build services, including fabrication, machining, prototyping and one-off projects.

Their main product lines developed are wet submersibles, Sea Saw cutting systems, launch and recovery systems (LARS), diver control panels and hydraulic power packs say the company.

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richard p guilliatt
richard p guilliatt
3 years ago

Sea Saw, then that will be Russia down for 2 of them I reckon

Daniele Mandelli
Daniele Mandelli
3 years ago

Sure the lads in Hamworthy have checked this out ages ago? Or have better already.