Three illegal immigrants who stowed away in a coach got quite a surprise when they found out they had ended up at RAF Waddington.

Officers from RAF Waddington were reportedly quick to detain the three men after they exited the vehicle at the base near Lincoln.

Waddington is the main operating base for airborne intelligence systems including the Sentinel R1, E-3D Sentry, Airseeker, Shadow R1 and the Reaper MQ9A RPAS.

The base is home to no less than 6 badged Royal Air Force squadrons, including both our ground based and flying squadrons.

The BBC reported that the men are aged between 22 and 27 and originally from Sudan.

A joint statement by the Royal Air Force and Lincolnshire Police said:

“On October 29, three civilian foreign nations were detained at RAF Waddington and handed to Lincolnshire Police.

These individuals are believed to have arrived on a coach returning RAF personnel from force development activity in France.”

Lincolnshire Police confirmed they had been detained and handed over to the Home Office immigration officials.


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Daniele Mandelli

And WILL they be deported? Probably Not.

Ooops is that me being “Racist” again, according to the left? Sorry to any leftist readers, but that is what is shouted time and time again.

How much would it cost for X Ray scanning of every vehicle that arrives at our ports?
We are an Island, and IF the authorities wanted to stop this they could, surely?
What if they were terrorists?

Michael Thomas

Again? How often are you racist?

Daniele Mandelli

When people like myself get annoyed by this we are shouted down and called Racist Michael.

This PC rather than proper debate as to whether this nation can accept 300,000 plus economic migrants a year without a serious effect on our public services needs to stop.

And no of course I am not racist. I AM concerned what immigration is doing to my country.


I get what you mean, honestly I hope they do get deported because otherwise they are just using our systems for free (not right). But the possibility of them being terrorists is quite low just by how few actually come directly to a country for terrorism. All of the recent attacks on our country were carried out by people who had already lived in the UK for years and were converted here. We need to crack down on that and on extremist religious activities (for every religion)


Will, what is your address ? i would like send you a bunch of flowers and a trophy for being the biggest, most PC Cuck i have come across on this website.

Daniele Mandelli

Agree I meant if they terrorists and ended up in an RAF installation.


Those baptist choirs are prime for a crackdown according to our Will.

Vince Casey

Do what we do in Australia, if you don’t come here legally you don’t get in. You’ll find yourself in a Illegal Immigrants Detention Centre and most probably repatriated back from whence you came.


Hope they got launced back to sudan?

The respect for boarder law is non existant these days.

Africa really aught to get its act together; culture, tribalism and religon won’t move that continent forward.


Just direct them to their council house and have a nice ady




Slightly worrying the lack of security precautions given that the quote is:

“These individuals are believed to have arrived on a coach returning RAF personnel from force development activity in France.”

There were active RAF Personnel on board the coach, surely basic security checks should have been carried out during it’s journey.

Daniele Mandelli

What about Mod Guard Service at the main gates? I assume they were found within Waddington itself? It is not clear. Time for more stringent checks?


What THREE whole foreign NATIONS? Good luck to Lincolnshire police! 😉


We all know they will now claim Asylum. The Do Gooders will allow them to stay and within a few months (after residential care, health checks and regular meals that of course respect their religious and cultural tastes) they will be allocated social housing, given money, furniture and God knows what else. And then they will bring over their wives and children, two estranged Aunts and sundry male relatives. (Right to family life and all that Yuman Rites stuff) When of course what should have happened is that they should have been shipped back to the ‘first country of safe… Read more »

Mr Bell

Sequence of events should be. Arrive in uk illegally, taken straight to an RAF base. Flown back to whatever place they came from. Unless that place is a recognised warzone. If from Syria or Iraq then fair enough apply for asylum, whilst held in a reception centre so we know who you are and where you are. This is not about racism, this is due judicial process and protecting the UK from radicalised terrorists coming into the uk disguised as refugees. Also any refugee caught with extremist radicalised Islam material has zero review they are put back onto a plan… Read more »


Just what this country needs ,more Sudanese goat herders.They will have a council flat in a year and be able to buy it at 75 per cent discount in 6 years. They will then be able to fly their family back to see the “old Country” every few years and all without paying a penny in tax.