In a trial performed by the Israeli Navy, a Helicopter Long-Range Active Sonar (HELRAS) dipping sonar was successfully converted for operation onboard the Seagull, Elbit Systems’ Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV).

NATO forces deployed the Seagull USV during a Joint Anti-Submarine Warfare exercise with the Spanish Navy’s Santa Maria-class frigate Victoria and the Royal Navy’s HMS Duncan.

Operating a dipping sonar onboard a USV significantly increases the operational working time compared to a helicopter, however, in circumstances in which speed is required such a platform may not be entirely suitable.

Elbit Systems say:

“The Seagull autonomous multi-mission USV features switchable, modular mission payload suites and can perform, in addition to ASW, Mine Countermeasure missions (MCM), Electronic Warfare (EW), Maritime Security (MS), Hydrography and other missions using the same vessel, mission control system and data links.

Seagull offers navies a true force multiplier delivering enhanced performance to naval operations, reducing risk to human life and dramatically cutting procurement and operating costs.”

The Seagull USV also participated in a joint Mine Counter Measure exercise between the Royal Navy and the Israeli Navy in which the Seagull USV was tasked with securing a path for HMS Ocean, the former British helicopter carrier.

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Captain P Wash

Now, If we could deploy the “Seagull” from a UAV, Maybe we could get it to take a Dump on the Spanish Vessel, from a great height.

Hands Off Gibralter.

Or if the Seagull couldn’t do that, maybe it could nick their chips!

Daniele Mandelli

Opens can of worms…..

Captain P Wash

Quite possibly yes mate.

But They Started It !!!!


Hey Gavin, how about we name one of the new T26 frigates HMS Gibraltar? And then perhaps task it whenever we do a joint exercise with Spain ?


Already named, how about a type 31 and actually base it in Gibraltar..


I wonder if it would be possible to air drop the USV, to provide coverage anywhere in UK waters quickly.


Errr…that would be a Poseidon…or a Merlin…

By the time you’d loaded a USV on a Herc for airdropping on a location they would have arrived, located a target, conducted an attack, returned to base and be having a well earned pint at the bar….