Two Lockheed Martin PAC-3 Cost Reduction Initiative (CRI) interceptors successfully intercepted two tactical ballistic missile targets in a test at White Sands Missile Range.

The firm say that The PAC-3 CRI intercepts supported the U.S. Army’s Field Surveillance Program (FSP) ‘ensuring the reliability and readiness of fielded PAC-3 missiles’. The test also marked the twelfth and thirteenth successful PAC-3 CRI FSP intercepts in seven years.

“The U.S. Army-led missile defense flight test demonstrated the unique Hit-to-Kill capability of the PAC-3 family of missiles which defends against threats through body-to-body contact. The test also reconfirmed PAC-3 CRI’s ability to detect, track and intercept incoming missiles while meeting fielded reliability requirements. The test was observed by representatives from the U.S. Army and current and potential Foreign Military Sales PAC-3 customers.”

“PAC-3 continues its long history of reliability and readiness in the field and remains the only combat proven Hit-to-Kill interceptor in the world,” said Jay Pitman, vice president of PAC-3 programs at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.

“Today’s global security environment demands reliable solutions. We expect PAC-3 interceptors to continue serving as an essential element in integrated, layered defense systems.”

The PAC-3 CRI and MSE are high-velocity interceptors that defend against incoming threats, including tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft.

Fourteen nations have procured the PAC-3 missile defense interceptor: the U.S., Germany, Kuwait, Japan, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Poland, Sweden and Bahrain.

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Sort of off topic but still a missile of sorts, just reading that Germany has ordered several thousand spike AT weapons which made me wonder why the UK opted for javelin over spike to only go and order spike a few years later. Anyone know the reasons for this?


Javelin was the better missile at the time of the initial competition, and still is very good. Good thread on twitter from ThinkDefence on this recently.


I believe there was a big outcry at the time because Spike are produced by an Israeli company. Not sure how much of an influence it had on the actual decision made, but the subsequent acquisition of Spike was done very quietly. One of the other guys like Daniele, Airborne or Gunbuster would be able to tell you for sure.


“PAC-3 continues its long history of reliability and readiness in the field and remains the only combat proven Hit-to-Kill interceptor in the world,”

I think that needs the qualifier of ‘anti-Ballistic Missile’ doesn’t it? David’s Sling is Hit-to-Kill and is combat proven.


Question: Where exactly was PAC-3 “combat-proven”?


Do the Saudis have the PAC3 version of Patriot?


Does the UK not have anti-ballistic missile capability?