MBDA has a secured a £323 million deal for the next batch of Common Anti-air Modular Missiles for the British Army and Royal Navy.

The Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM) is designed for use both at sea and on land and has the capability to defend against anti-ship cruise missiles, aircraft and other highly sophisticated threats.

CAMM will be deployed using the Sea Ceptor and Land Ceptor weapon systems that will protect the Royal Navy’s Type 23 and future Type 26 warships, as well as enhancing the British Army’s Ground Based Air Defence system.

According to MBDA, Sea Ceptor and Land Ceptor use ‘innovative radar and datalink technology to guide the CAMM with incredible accuracy’.

CAMM’s associated radar system tracks the maritime or land based threat and uses the datalink to update the missile with the location of the threat.

The missiles are designed to ‘provide 360 degree coverage and high degrees of manoeuvrability’.

The Sea Ceptor weapon system incorporating CAMM will replace the Sea Wolf weapon system on the Type 23 Frigate and provide the anti-air defence capability on the new Type 26 frigates for the Royal Navy.

Similarly, the Land Ceptor weapon system will replace the Rapier weapon system in service with the British Army and contribute technology to the replacement of ASRAAM in service with the Royal Air Force.

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What’s new about this???

John West

The fact that the MOD has actually committed to something? To be fair though it does seem like a no-brainer (common training, common spares etc.)


Yes, odd, this was the last part of the previous MBDA announcement.


Yeah. Odd. This was in a news item on this site a few days ago.

Someone on another forum estimated this probably equates to about 1,000 missiles being purchased.

I do like CAMM. For the RN I really hope that volume purchases keeping unit cost affordable, the fact that it has a relatively simple launcher (no hot exhaust gas venting), and the fact that it can work with relatively simple radar setups (no target illuminator needed) mean that they might make use of it more widely, i.e. not only on T23/T26/T31.

An Englishman in Austria

Could do with putting a couple okay quite a few on the New CV’s along with packaging for the River class. Probably be able to set them up in a cargo container for the River class…

[…] A doua transa de CAMM terestru costa 323mil. lire sterline, pentru un lot de aproximativ 1000 de rachete, desi este foarte probabil ca pretul total al lotului sa fie alcatuit din doua transe egale ca pret (o transa anterioara costand 324. mil lire), ceea ce ar insemna un pret de 900.000$/racheta. De vazut care va fi pretul real in cadrul unui contract de export, britanicii platind separat atat dezvoltarea CAMM cat si a variantei navale Sea-Ceptor. […]