MBDA has successfully tested a new lightweight missile known as Enforcer.

According to the company, Enforcer scored several highly accurate hits during guided firings carried out at the trials facility of the German Bundeswehr’s Technical Center for Weapons and Ammunition.

MBDA’s website describes the system:

“The disposable, shoulder-launched guided weapon system Enforcer can be used to engage a broad variety of targets at ranges beyond the capability of currently available infantry weapons, including lightly armoured static and moving targets, and threats behind cover.

Enforcer will be offered to the German army, where it could complement the Wirkmittel 90 infantry weapon, offering an additional munition for the system.

The modular design of the Enforcer system enables a range of future development options, including the prospect of an Enforcer munitions family. Enforcer is a German-led, multi-national MBDA programme. After a successful demonstration programme, the system development started in 2014.”

Peter Heilmeier, MBDA Deutschland’s Vice President Sales and Business Development said:

“These tests have topped off a successful year of Enforcer development, a year we can look back on and recognise numerous successful firings and other tests. The direct hits demonstrate that we have made an important step forward in the development programme.”

According to a press release, MBDA plans to begin qualification of the missile over the next few years, followed by preparations for series production.

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lieutenant lamb
lieutenant lamb
4 years ago

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