The Ministry of Defence has met its 18% reduction in fossil fuels consumption objective target early.

The target was to be achieved by 2020/21 and has been met through the use of behavioural analysis to reduce fuel usage.

Nia Griffith, the Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, asked in a Parliamentary written question:

“To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, with reference to his Department’s 2012-2015 business plan, whether it is still his Department’s objective to reduce armed forces fossil fuel consumption by 18 per cent by 2020-21 from a 2009-10 baseline.”

Tobias Ellwood, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence, answered:

“The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has already met the 18% reduction in fossil fuels consumption objective as set out in the Department’s Business Plan 2012-15. The MOD is now continuing to look for further fuel efficiencies. Information on the target and further efficiencies is available online within Section 3 of both the current Sustainable MOD Annual Report 2017-18 and the 2016-17 Report.”

Last year, to help meet this target, Dstl was tasked with understanding how the MoD can reduce energy expenditure.

Behavioural scientists in Dstl’s Defence and Security Analysis Division, working with experts from industry, looked at a variety of interventions that could change the energy behaviours of MOD’s personnel.

According to an earlier news release, some of the successes include:

  • At Catterick Garrison, energy savings of 26 per cent were achieved. The total saving over five years is potentially £74,000, compared to £3,500 for the cost of the activity. That’s up to £21 saved for each £1 spent.
  • Another study with the Royal Navy will help to save more than £100,000 per ship per year in fuel costs.

“This work has received high praise and is being exploited not just across Defence, but internationally too. The work was presented at the fourth European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency, to a European Defence Agency Consultation Forum in Rome, and to NATO’s Energy Security Centre of Excellence in Lithuania. It will also be presented at the Behaviour, Energy and Climate Change Conference in the United States.”

The Ministry of Defence say that not only will this reduce costs, but also contribute to environmental goals.

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So having less numbers in our Armed Forces does have a benefit……


No it can’t go on deployment it’s on is 18% fuel saving lay over……..

Um. Haven’t we just spent the best part of three decades burning lots of fossil fuels securing fossil fuel supplies from the Middle East? Or did I miss something?


Does that not mean we can not learn and move forward?

It’s just the irony of it.

You do understand that concept don’t you?

The only moving forward the army will be doing will be in a horse and cart.

I laughed so hard when I read this was achieved through behavioural analysis. Ie we just don’t operate our vehicles as much due to budget cuts which resulted in us smashing this target early.

It is utter nonsense they surely do take us for idiots.


The surface fleet has made savings in a number of ways.
Better hull paint reduces marine growth and drag so you use less fuel. (5-7% Saving)
Monitoring of shaft power against speed indicates drag from marine growth so you get a hull clean.
More efficient engine management. DGs on a T23 as opposed to racing around on GTs.
(A T23 will do 8K miles on DGs at 6 knots)
The transon flap on T23 provided another 5-10 % fuel saving.

Every little bit helps!


Ok by fossil fuels are they referring to fuel burnt directly by vehicles/vessels/aircraft or is it also energy bills of mod properties? Behaviour changes being turning off lights and computers in the evening?

captain P Wash.

We are a Nation of 66 million ( out of a World Population of 7 Billion or so ) highly Regulated and Bossed about Humans. We Recycle every Week, Worry about our Carbon Footprint, Send untold £ billions abroad, Raise Untold further £ billions for Charity, Save the Whales, Rain Forests, Donkeys, Elephants. We have High Taxes, Fuel Costs, House Prices, Poverty of our own, Homelessness and a Crippling H and S Regime, not to mention the PC brigade. We are a Fraction of the Worlds Population and an even smaller Fraction of the Worlds Problems. It’s nice to know… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

They don’t. They are too busy polluting the atmosphere, cutting down rain forests marching on Arizona demanding to be let in, travelling across a safe continent before screaming asylum, stoning people to death, withholding women’s rights, launching chemical attacks on other nations soil, hunting whales, Sharks, Rhino and Elephants to extinction, hunting tigers for God knows what, milking what resources earth has left to give, and generally getting on with life.

But at least here the Mod can sleep soundly at their carbon footprint while the armed forces are run into the ground and vets sleep on the streets.

captain P Wash.

Mate, We Definitely need to meet !!!!!

Daniele Mandelli

Captain. I try to temper my posts!

captain P Wash.

Ha, My post’s contain more Temper !!!!!

Daniele Mandelli

In all seriousness it is of course a positive thing. But with all the virtue signalling going on in today’s PC infested world and the crap society produces it’s hard to take this all seriously. I can get on my high horse if needed. When will the powers that be ban the supermarkets from using plastic packaging?! What’s wrong with compostsble paper bags? Even we, a family of just two of me and the wife, and the varied animals we have, produce a mountain of the stuff to be recycled in those green bins. It’s mad. How much ends up… Read more »


There are things you can do about that. For instance I was fed up with buying food that came in black plastic trays. (Black plastic can not be recycled as the machines can not read the packaging marks). So I wrote to Sainsburys and asked them to put the food in non-black containers. Obviously others also did the same and Sainsburys are now transitioning to non-black containers. I also buy products that are as recyclable and and as kind to the environment as possible where I can. For instance I buy eco-friendly dish washer tablets so that they do not… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Thank you Lee1.

Sorry for late reply just found this.

Cam Hunter

And china and India build more coal fired power plants every year so that cancels all the work done by the west out and adds millions more carbon tons.

But that’s ok, they are making there shithole nations unbareable to live in so the population wants and try’s to get to the west to live just like the other 20 shithole nations trying! and they bring their backwards culture with them! And we are supposed to love it, more sir please can we have more!! Bollocks

Right on brother droogie.


India and China are both making huge strides in renewables etc. China is the worlds largest market for EVs. It is the world leader in adding solar and wind power to its grid. It is easy to point out where they fail while ignoring where they are succeeding. Out of the top 9 largest solar farms on earth 2 are in China and 5 are in India. The largest is in India. India aims to have 15% of all cars on the road being electric within the next 5 years. That is far more aggressive than the UK governments plans.… Read more »

All of it is complete and utter nonsense look at the wind stats for this country over the last few weeks literally zero power was produced from windmills as for China


Wind power make up a significant amount of the UKs capacity. You are simply wrong. For instance renewables are on target to overtake fossil fuel generation by 2020.

China has the largest installed wind power generation of any country on earth… It is also the worlds largest market for photovoltaics. Strange thing to do for a country that you claim says no to wind power…

Stop being fed false information from the oil industry… Be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

captain P Wash.

Sorry Lee but I have to Disagree. You Totally Ignore the actual True Facts. India and China have @2.6 Billion People, We have a tiny fraction. We don’t have anywhere near the amount of Coal Fired power Stations, No Where remotely near. China has an acute pollution Problem so does India. I think you need to reed up more and stop being Guided by the Anti Oil Industry Propaganda rubbish you seem to embrace. Being part of the Solution, Is Knowing where the Problem really Is Mate. It’s not In the UK.


The problem is in the UK as well as everywhere else on earth. We can make a difference so we should do so. I am not fed anti-oil propaganda. It is simple science! The problem is people like you that seem to ignore the issue because you do not like change or being told what to do. The problem is people like Trump who are totally ignoring science in favour of bungs from big oil. (He has installed climate change deniers in many environmental positions and forced government departments to remove evidence of climate change from their websites etc. Some… Read more »


We should appreciate our own efforts. We need to all be better to our environment. Unfortunately we have governments that would rather listen to oil companies etc than scientists, although thankfully we are at least a lot better than the US at this… Each of our efforts make a difference. It would be nice if everyone was pulling in the same direction but that is the way of the world. At least I can say to my children that I tried… This is also a good news story in terms of the MOD. they are a heavy user of energy… Read more »

In what way are renewables set to overtake fossil fuel generation by 2020? Installed capacity? Average daily generation? I would recommend BM Reports to you.
Renewables have a long way to go.

Secondly, here is a good report on China`s CO2 emissions.

captain P Wash.

I’m sorry again Lee but seriously mate, you are Delusional. We the UK are not to blame for the entire Worlds problems. I think you need to research more before coming to such silly conclusions. There are People on this Planet or there abouts, and only @ 66.000.000 On this small group of Islands. We are totally committed to and Forced to, obey all the Rules when it comes to Pollution, Waste Management and the Environment, The other 6.9934.000.000 are not so. Take a long look at those Numbers.

captain P Wash.

Lee 1, I would like you to go and have a look at Wikipedia. If you search “List of New Coal Fired Power Stations being built “, You’ll see why I reply the way I do. Let me know your Thoughts.


My thoughts are that many of the coal power plants coming online in china are ones that were already under construction. It is a fact that they buy more EVs, Build more renewable power and plan more efficient public transportation systems than any other country on earth. Also in 2018 alone they planted new forests to the size of Ireland! No one is saying their energy generation is perfect but they are making massive strides and are certainly not burying their heads in the sand like some other countries.

Utter garbage

Lee is that the fabled 97% of scientists as for the government listening to oil companies the only one this and previous governments listen to is Aramco and do not forget with wind power it is installed capacity not what the damned useless things actually provide.

Lee Fear

It is not a fabled 97%! It is a real factual 97%. You can actually go and look at the current state of the grid and it will tell you the exact generation of each type. It is not hidden away it it out there for all to follow live!!!!! Just go to Grid watch and take a look for yourself. Just as I type this Renewables are producing 20% of the current generation with wind making up the majority of that. As we bring battery storage to the grid we will see renewables proportion balloon even quicker. You really… Read more »


If the fossil fuel is cut maybe the fossils running Mod procurement strategy will become extinct…

David E Flandry

Electric cars do not reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Their batteries have to be recharged, and are usually done so using electricity from coal. Since the electricity must be transmitted there is some loss of energy.
And we never see a life-cycle approach to electric car pollution, including the manufacture and disposal of batteries.

Very easy to cut the fossil fuel ills. Just scrap our armed forces so they are unable to defend our country when the Russian ear comes knocking or our allies in the far East request our support against Chinese aggression.
Is the world seriously going to stand bycanddo nothing when the ironfist of communist China takes by force Taiwan. This is going to happen. Just a matter of time. Once China thinks the west will calculate that opposing China will cost too much in terms of lives lost, planes, ships, tanks, £.

Seriously UKDJ there needs to be an edit function.
Damn phone autocorrection.
I meant fossil fuel bills
Russia bear not ear
Stand by and do nothing

The times has just published an article about Russia launching a long range nuclear powered drone. Armed with a 3-300MT thermonuclear warhead. Range of 100+ miles, speed of 100+ knots. This is a destroyer of ports and costal cities. Meanwhile we do what exactly….yes that’s right unable to sort out the BREXIT mess due to our just crap politicians who embarrass us as a nation more and more every day. Then we cut our armed forces. The Russian’s should be explicitly told if the submarines go to see carrying these drones breach of nuclear proliferation treaties they will be sunk.… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

“The Russian’s should be explicitly told if the submarines go to see carrying these drones breach of nuclear proliferation treaties they will be sunk.” I really would not go down that route, unless you want World War 3! Brexit. Reasons are simple. 1/ Parliament overwhelmingly approves a referendum for 2016. 600 for if I recall. 2/ Vote is leave. Biggest in history I read. 3/ EU drags feet, not wanting UK to leave, too much of a milk cow. 4/ EU violates its own article 50 holding talks consecutively, wanting money first, and leaving trade til later. 5/ Dear Comrade… Read more »


I think you are off the mark on some aspects. I did not support a second vote earlier in the process as it was too soon. However I am open to one now as enough time has passed and enough new information now available. It is a bit like everyone having a vote on taking a shortcut. Everyone votes to take the shortcut the group starts walking down the new path and after a little while are confronted by a cliff drop and a pride of lions… Now do you have another vote to see if the group still thinks… Read more »

captain P Wash.

Lee 1, We’ve Had the Referendum. Leave Means Leave. End Of.

Lee Fear

Hence therefore if you took a shortcut and you then found out it led to death then because that decision had already been made you would refuse to turn back? Or if you mad an offer on a house and you then found out that it was about to fall down you would still buy it? After all you made those decisions and so you would have to stick with them regardless of what extra info turned up… I think not.

Daniele Mandelli

Lee Fear

Are you the architect of Project Fear?

Nothing has changed apart from the establishment, BBC, et al telling society it will be a disaster. What extra info?

Ones vote to leave based on ones decades of opinion formed on the rights or wrongs of the EU does not change just because the establishment scream, delay, fudge, and generally defy what they offered the public. The vote.


I did not say that it would be a disaster (I think it will be, but that is my opinion) I said that we now know much more info. It looks like there could be some serious consequences that we were not told of before or that we simply did not realise. So now that we know much more about the path we chose it is probably prudent to have another show of hands to make sure this is really what people want. After all surely we should make sure? If people vote to carry on leaving then we leave… Read more »

That was a second vote the remoaners can wait 40 odd years for a third one like the leave side did.


The leave side did not have to wait 40 years as there was never a leave vote before. It was also a resounding yes (only the outer Hebrides and Shetland voted against it). It did not cause division in any way the same as the current farce. Also there was not much discontent with the result for a long long time. It took the far right to come on to the scene before there was much traction for referendum. Also lets not forget the lies, total lies and exaggerations that were present in the referendum campaign. I it was a… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

The leave side had to wait FOR A VOTE. That is the point. There was not much discontent because the vote was on the Common Market! Not the EU in its current guise. Come on Lee! “Far Right on the scene” The usual ammunition always thrown! No Lee. Normal peoples discontent and being pissed off what they see, over years. So much so a choice was given them. But of course anyone rejecting the establishment PC view is “Far Right” Lies in the referendum campaign. That old chestnut again! As I clarified with you months ago 17 million peoples views… Read more »


I also did not claim that only the leave campaign put out lies. Both sides were abhorrent in the way they went about their campaigns. That is partly my point. We were not given the real information we needed because both sides were happy to lie and exaggerate in order to win political games. My Dad for instance is was absolutely taken in by the leave campaign lies and his main reason for voting to leave was based on them. Others will have seen through the lies and voted on what they knew to be true, many I suspect will… Read more »

captain P Wash.

Once again Daniele, I find myself Agreeing pretty much totally.

Sorry If that upsets anyone.

john martin

Out means Out no sits around the fireside for a chat and no I cant do this I am so full of anger at what is happening that no comment on here will change anything.

captain P Wash.

John, You are not alone.

Daniele Mandelli

John I think many feel your anger.

One day it will boil over I fear.

captain P Wash.

It’s happened before.

Daniele Mandelli

For all you Remainers. What the world really think of Brexit and this corrupt government.

David E Flandry

The navy is barely able to keep its commitments, the army is smaller than any time since, 18XX, and the RAF is one third the size of what it should be. But the Mod Is meeting its renewable goals !! Perhaps the Department of Environment is able to defend the nation.