Work is being undertaken to mitigate any potential impact from COVID-19 on the Type 31 programme.

Douglas Chapman, the Shadow SNP Spokesperson for Small Business, Enterprise and Innovation, asked via a Parliamentary written question:

“To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what assessment he has made of the effect of the covid-19 pandemic on the timescale of the Type 31e frigate project.”

Jeremy Quin, The Minister of State at Ministry of Defence, responded:

“The Department is working with Babcock and its suppliers to de-risk and mitigate any potential for impact to the Type 31 programme due to COVID-19. Most of the current key outputs for the programme are focused on design, infrastructure development and supply chain mobilisation, and work continues within the Government’s safe working requirements.”

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Simon m
Simon m (@guest_507835)
11 months ago

Hopefully it’ll get enough weapons to socially distance from the enemy!
Seriously though, hopefully if we don’t get a second lockdown the impact will be negligible fingers crossed

Spyinthesky (@guest_507933)
11 months ago
Reply to  Simon m

If it doesn’t get the weapons then even more reason to social distance from the enemy.

maurice10 (@guest_507862)
11 months ago

Currently watching the ‘Sailsbury Poisonings’ which was an act of war, that could have killed hundreds if not thousands. Whatever the financial impact on UK spending due to COVID-19, we simply can’t drop our guard against state-sponsored terror. Other Russian activity needs a resolute response from the UK, and that can only be achieved by maintaining military programmes and deliver them on time.

andy (@guest_507863)
11 months ago
Reply to  maurice10

what annoys me for years our defence has been plundered due to the all cost issues,we should have had 12 type 45 but it was cut to 8 then 6 all because of cost,the same as more or less happened to the type 26 we get 8 if they don,t play around with numbers when we get to build,well one has started to take shape,with 5 type 31 I would not be surprised if that number shrunk,but yet we can pull billions out to pay furlough wipe off NHS historic debt pay for ppe that was no good etc makes… Read more »

maurice10 (@guest_507899)
11 months ago
Reply to  andy

I agree that international crises tend to happen very quickly and the global hotspots don’t appear to be cooling any time soon! Maybe the old days of cutting defence at will, are coming to an end? During the late 50s-70s a lot of UK forces assets were basically doing routine work, and could be stood down without too much fuss. Today, readiness is the keyword at the MOD just as it was at the height of the Cold War. As I pointed out, the Russian attack on an English town was an act of war, the only fact that it… Read more »

Dusty (@guest_510078)
10 months ago
Reply to  andy

At the present time we have no alternative but to remain neutral. We have a royal navy that can barely put out half a dozen boats ‘of any description’ at any one time. We don’t have enough ships to patrol our own islands never mind overseas. The RN needs an enormous investment for the UK to be a powerful respected force once again. I believe the T26 will be far better than the T45 platform in its capabilities but needs to have at least 12 hulls. Having said that it’s basically a destroyer with amazing ASW capabilities so really with… Read more »

dave12 (@guest_507939)
11 months ago
Reply to  maurice10

Well said Maurice.

Herodotus (@guest_507969)
11 months ago
Reply to  maurice10

Yes Maurice….an international outrage that saw numerous Russian ‘diplomats’ expelled by Western nations. However, once the dust settled and Russian financial assets (many of dubious origin) were questioned….a deafening silence ensued. As the Russian Ambassador to the Court of St James scoffed, “I see that it is business as usual”.

Daveyb (@guest_508194)
11 months ago
Reply to  Herodotus

A firm statement had to be made, but it had to be limited. If we completely shut Russia off, what would have happened? There’s every chance they could end up like North Korea becoming a more nervous pariah state, which for us and the rest of World could be disastrous. The old adage of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer has a lot of truth in it!

Rob Collinson
Rob Collinson (@guest_507996)
11 months ago

By ‘mitigate’ I am sure some of the RN bashing press will be calling for the Security Review to mitigate by cancelling either the T26 or T31 programs. Citing well documented ‘black hole’ in the defence budget and the shortfall in recruiting to the service. These issues ARE precient. But, numbers are increasing and recruits want to be allocated to 21st Century vessels. Also the newer vessels are more automated are require fewer crew the earlier vessels. The Duke Class have been fantastic. World renowned and well respected by our allies and feared by our enemies. However, they are really… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli
Daniele Mandelli (@guest_508024)
11 months ago
Reply to  Rob Collinson

Bravo Rob. Well said.

rec (@guest_508039)
11 months ago

If the defence review was positive , a faster build rate for T26 would be great and 1 extra T26 to bring the total up to 9 and keep BAE busy till t45 replacement.

Ideally it would be good to see investment in shipbuilding as part of economic recovery investment. And paid for in addition to defence budget so 6xT31 7×31 3xSSS plus Argus replacement paid for i this way and managed outside of MOD.

David (@guest_508048)
11 months ago
Reply to  rec

Never going to happen. After the defence review next year we will be very, very lucky to keep just what we have. There will be no new money and the cuts – which we all know there will be – can be conveniently ‘justified’ by COVID-19. Instead of every 5yrs having a defence review, why don’t our politicians call it for what it is. “Everyone we are going to have a defence cut every 5yrs” because that’s what each and every review amounts to. Call me cynical but I am sick and tired of the constant cut, cut, cut of… Read more »

Ron (@guest_508925)
10 months ago

I wonder if someone could answer a few questions possibly even Babcock if they read UKDJ. So here goes, 1.The Type 31 is going to be equipped with the 57mm gun however the design is capabile of having in the same postion anything upto a 5 inch gun. Is the framing deck structure and space still going to be for the 5 inch or a lighter weight structure for he 57mm only? 2. The original base design for the Type 31 has 5 postions port and starboard for anything upto 40mm guns. Again I assume that these would be hardend… Read more »