A busy period for NATO Air Policing has seen Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German Air Force detachments scramble their fighters in the Baltic region, according to a press release.

All four Allied Air Policing detachments responded to potential threats from Russian military aircraft that were either not on a flight plan or not conforming to safety norms.

German Eurofighters, based for the first time at Lielvārde Air Base in Latvia, launched nearly every day. Italian Eurofighters from Task Force Air 4th Wing scrambled from Malbork Air Base in Poland, and Spanish F-18 jets launched from Šiauliai, Lithuania, to secure NATO airspace over the Baltic Sea.

“We demonstrate our capabilities, readiness, and our steadfast commitment to collective deterrence and defence,” said General James Hecker, Commander Allied Air Command. “On a daily basis, Allied fighter jets are flying over the Baltic Sea.”

The increase in activities is routine for this time of year and linked to NATO multi-domain operations in the region, particularly the exercise Baltic Operations (BALTOPS). Running from 7 to 20 June 2024, BALTOPS is NATO’s premier maritime-focused exercise in the Baltic Region, conducted in international waters.

All intercept missions during this period were carried out successfully against a mix of Russian military aircraft, demonstrating the high state of readiness and proficiency of the German, Spanish, and Italian detachments.

NATO has been committed to the Baltic Air Policing mission for 20 years, with seventeen Allies taking turns deploying their fighter jets in consecutive detachments to safeguard the skies over the Baltic Sea.

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Jim (@guest_825948)
1 month ago

It’s missions like these which seem to be completely overlooked in the future fighter force. Once everything is a drone or a B21 sized NGAD fighter who’s going to bob around congested airspace escorting Russian bombers.

Off course at the rate Ukraine is killing Russian bombers it might not be a big problem soon. 😀

DB (@guest_826128)
1 month ago

Lielvarde is a lovely town, well worth visiting.

Meanwhile, how about stationing UKR F16s there and shooting down Russians? They need downing and Russia shown that they are weak and should withdraw from war and offer peace, unconditionally.