A team of nearly 40 cyber security experts are competing in the world’s largest ‘live-fire cyber’ security exercise.
The NATO team, which won the competition in 2018, is strengthened this year with ten volunteers from six NATO Allies: Bulgaria, Croatia, Norway, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey.

The Alliance say that more than 1,000 international cyber defenders and decision-makers will take part in Locked Shields 2019. Organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Estonia, the event uses a game-based approach, enabling participants to take on roles in fictional response teams. Their goal is to assess a crisis situation, maintain services and defend networks that have fallen victim to cyber-attacks.

In the exercise scenario, the fictitious country Berylia faces coordinated cyber-attacks against its civilian infrastructure, while it is holding national elections. The job of NATO’s team will be to help contain the damage and protect the networks from further attacks. The exercise takes place in a laboratory environment.

Cyber exercises like Locked Shields are valuable opportunities for national and NATO cyber experts to practice protecting their IT systems and critical infrastructure against severe cyber attacks.

NATO say that this kind of training also promotes understanding and cooperation between civilian and military experts and decision-makers involved in responding to cyber threats.

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Captain P Wash

Do they have a “Down vote Button” ?

Reckon It would come In handy combating the Cyber Warriors.

just sayin.


Experts and Decision Makers eh? Are experts allowed to become decision makers, or is not being an expert a requirement to becoming a decision maker?


What is the point of Cyber security when Ministers themselves seem to leak information for personal political gain such as the National Security Council decision on Huwaiwei being permitted to contribute to peripheral 5G infrastructure in the UK?