Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group Two (SNMCMG2) arrived in the Black Sea on Monday the 21st of October.

NATO ships are on a routine patrol deployment to enhance interoperability and cooperation with Allies and NATO partners on the Black Sea coast.

“The group composed of ships from five NATO allied nations that include flagship ITS Vesuvio (Italy), minehunters TCG Amasra (Turkey), ITS Numana (Italy), ESPS Sella (Spain), ROS Lt. Lupu Dinescu (Romania), and BGS Shkval (Bulgaria).

With three Allied nations bordering the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, a number of Allied ships regularly operate in the Black Sea. The Standing Naval Forces also conduct regular patrols in the international waters of the Black Sea enhancing Allied ability to work together in the maritime domain.

During the group’s patrol in the Black Sea, SNMCMG2 plans to conduct a port visit to NATO partners Odessa (Ukraine) and Batumi (Georgia) in addition to allied ports Constanta (Romania) and Trabzon (Turkey). Ukraine and Georgia are highly valued partners to NATO, contributing to NATO operations and regularly exercising together in a demonstration of their strong commitment to international security.”

This is the third patrol of a NATO Maritime Group in the Black Sea in 2019. NATO forces spent approximately 20 days patrolling in the Black Sea in July visiting Bulgaria, Ukraine and participating in exercises Breeze and Sea Breeze.

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Well this is going to please Russia no end, what a shame.


I must be missing something, why would Russia be concerned? These ships are in no way a threat that I can see


Russia doesn’t like having nato ships working with partner countries like the Ukraine & Georgia. The size of the fleet won’t be a concern for them but that the countries are continuing to build on working together with Nato.


5 years ago I would of agreed with you, but now it is the new normal so of little concern as long as counter measures are kept in place. Both side can move their chess pieces around but nothing will fundamentally change due fear of a silly escalation

Steve H

A couple of counter mine boats aren’t a major concern to Putin but the fact that they’re in his back yard won’t please him at all. NATO need to keep up their presence in the region just to let him know that we’re still vigilant.

Daniele Mandelli

Is second from right one of our ex MCMV? My eyes fell on it and I immediately thought RN.

Steve H

I really don’t understand Erdogan….on one hand he’s cosying up to Putin in the Middle East and then on the other hand, he’s working well with our NATO Allies in a show of force against Putin…..
That bloke is as mad as a bag of spanners…