The accommodation unit for the first Dreadnought class submarine has been moved across BAE Systems Submarines site in Barrow, where it is being constructed.

BAE Systems say the segment is the first unit of Dreadnought’s forward end to be moved into the new Central Yard Facility.

The Dreadnought class will replace the Vanguard class submarines from 2028 onwards and will host the United Kingdom’s nuclear deterrent.

The United Kingdom’s nuclear deterrent today is hosted by the Vanguard Class submarine. The Dreadnought class was purpose-built as a nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine, incorporating a selection of successful design features from other British submarines. Due to this it is quite unlike its predecessor the Vanguard class, itself an adaptation of the Valiant class.

Government approved initial gate for the Dreadnought submarine programme to replace the the Vanguard class in May 2011.

The programme already employs more than 2,600 people across MoD and industry, including 1,800 at BAE Systems. Thousands more will be employed in the supply chain with an average of 7,800 people expected to be working on Dreadnought each year throughout the duration of the programme.

At peak, in the early 2020s, BAE Systems anticipates employing more than 5,000 people on the Dreadnought programme.

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Levi Goldsteinberg

Astutes and Dreadnoughts in the same production facility? Things must be cramped in there


Yeah, luckily it’s the second biggest indoor naval ship building facility in Europe, after the Germans obviously.

andy reeves

pity they’re not building more t45’s


@Levi, Central Yard Facility is a different build hall than the DDH where Astute final assembly is. It’ll move there eventually, but (according to the article) that’s not where this unit has gone.


Oh right, it’s not going to DDH!


Oh the problem of finding a parking space these days! It’ll never fit…


Interesting comparison of the new U.S. and UK classes.


Bob Hodges

Are you sure that the Vanguard SSBN design was based on the previous Valiant SSN design?


I think some confusion with the Resolution class which was essentially a Valiant with a missile compartment inserted.

Peter Crisp

It must really make the job of keeping something like this super secret when it’s bloody massive and we don’t have access to somewhere like area 51.


As long as Corbyn and SDP collective agreement is neutralised, this programme will continue up to the next UK election, after that, it’s anyone’s guess if the Dreadnought project will survive?


What on Earth are you talking about


Well, if you are confused I’ll enlighten you, both the Labour Party (under Corbyn) and the SNP are not fans of our nuclear deterrent and if the former gets into government, (with a working majority) it’s likely to be scrapped. The old order in Westminster is likely to change too in terms of the disparate parties that could hold power in the future? That could make retention of our deterrent less likely regardless of Labour. The concept of mutual destruction is generally lost on anyone under 35!


That has not enlightened me in the slightest Maurice, because what you’re saying is not true. Jeremy Corbyn voted against renewing Trident, he is against having them, that is his own personal political belief. Labour Party policy is to renew trident, it always has been and Jeremy Corbyn cannot change that. So how can you get “the Labour Party are not fans of trident” That’s a lie Maurice, the majority of Labour MP’s voted for renewing trident, members support it and the unions obviously support it. This the 3rd or 4th time you have tried to peddle this nonsense on… Read more »


You are living in hope. If Corbyn wins power he will exert maximum pressure to get our deterrent scrapped. One key argument will be the huge costs when set against his social plans and his argument will gain ground, especially with the Green and Liberal left. As I said, many under 35 -40’s don’t get Trident and that is quickly becoming the typical age of new MP’s. I hope you are correct and the general Labour party stick with the current plans, but don’t tell me that intent to scrap Trident is dead. With Corbyn at the helm, the project… Read more »


I’m not living in hope at all, you said the Labour party were “not fans” of the deterrent, that was a clear lie, you have not responded to that. Your entire argument stands on the political belief of the 70 year old party leader, who gave MP’s a free vote on trident, and included renewing trident in his own manifesto. “If Corbyn wins power he will exert maximum pressure to get our deterrent scrapped” That is your guess, there has been absolutely no evidence of that happening at all, he has never said that and it has not even been… Read more »


So its a lie Corbyn won’t use Trident? If as Prime Minister he flatly refuses to press the button, what is the point of having a deterrent?? I won’t make any other response to you on this subject, as you obviously have a narrow perspective on the changes that could occur under a Corbyn government.


? I thought we talking about purchasing and building the deterrent? Oh I see we are moving for the third time now, a little further down the line as it’s impossible for you to back up anything you say and you’re completely stumped when hit the actual facts and realities. And I will always reply to you on here Maurice about this, and show you up for the lies you’re making, because a lot of the questions and stick Corbyn gets is justified, but I won’t ever just watch someone make up complete lies with no evidence to back it… Read more »

andy reeves

who needs spies when the good old u.k press uses every opportunity to disclose pictures and sundry information about the u.k forces, at every chance

Peter Crisp

What exactly do you think the Russians can learn from the picture posted above? You do know they also make nuclear subs so they most likely have a pretty good idea of the basics of what will go into the design of Dreadnought and it’s not like they’re going to post pictures of the launch codes by mistake. The ships are going to spend decades sitting at naval bases across the globe there’s going to be plenty of better opportunities to spy on them than looking at random (and most likely vetted) pictures on a forum run by people who’d… Read more »


Well, its circular shapes doesn’t look like the boxy designs we have seen before. Could be inner and outer hulls maybe?

Peter Crisp

Oh no now the Russians know this thing has a hull.
May as well just surrender now as the games up with that fatal breach of national security.

I’ll start looking for classes on how to speak Russian asap.


We don’t even know it is circular. It’s something, or maybe even nothing, in a big fancy bag. The UK has been adept at deception for years. WW2 inflatable tanks, fake aircraft, etc. It’s entirely possible that this is a boxy component in there padded out to disguise its shape.

The Big Man

The Russians probably had no idea our subs have wheels. Wait for that in future Russian designs.