Frigate HMS London will be built at the BAE Systems shipyard in Govan.

Eight Type 26 Frigates are to be built in total with three in the first batch, the contract for the second batch will be negotiated in the early 2020s.

Three of the class are currently unnamed, LONDON will be the 8th and final ship in the class.

Ordering in batches is common for projects of this size around the world and was last seen with the Royal Navy for the Type 45 Destroyers and recent Offshore Patrol Vessels. The Type 45s first batch order was for three vessels for example.

Thirteen ships of the Royal Navy have been named London, after the city of London. The previous HMS London was a Type 22 frigate launched in 1984, sold to Romania in 2002 and renamed Regina Maria.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said:

“The Type 26 Frigate is a cutting-edge warship, combining the expertise of the British shipbuilding industry with the excellence of the Royal Navy. These ships will be a force to be reckoned with, there to protect our powerful new carriers and helping keep British interests safe across the world.

The contract is structured to ensure value for taxpayers’ money and, importantly, now designed to protect them from extra bills from project overrun. The investment will secure hundreds of skilled jobs at BAE Systems on the Clyde for the next twenty years, and thousands of jobs in the supply chain across Britain.”


  1. As a crew member on the previous LONDON, I wonder what happened to the “Domine” part of the motto?? Not PC enough perhaps??

    • interesting to see how long it serves the previous london’s, the type 22, and the county class weren’t in service for anything near their shelf life.

    • its utter rubbish, who really gives a stuff over ships names?

  2. Why out of sequence?

    What is the thinking behind it?

    Easier to cut? No chance of that with Cardiff Glasgow Belfast.

    They are naming a ship that may never exist.

    • There has been a London in the fleet for most of the last 300 years.

      It is the country’s capital. Stopping laugh at the back! It is………even now….

      • English ship London (1636) was a 40-gun East Indiaman purchased in 1636 and listed until 1653
        The London (1656 ship) was a 64-gun second-rate ship launched in 1656 and blown up in an accident in 1665
        HMS Loyal London (1666) was a 96-gun second-rate ship launched in 1666: she was partly destroyed by fire by the Dutch in the Medway in 1667, but the remains were rebuilt becoming the next HMS London
        HMS London (1670) was a 96-gun first-rate ship launched in 1670 to replace the previous ship of the same name: rebuilt in 1706 and 1721, and was broken up in 1747
        HMS London (1756 brigantine) was a 16-gun brigantine launched in 1756 on Lake Ontario and captured by the French the same year
        HMS London (1756 busse) was a 6-gun Herring buss (formerly the civilian fisheries vessel Holden), purchased in 1756 from the Society for the Free British Fishery and burnt to avoid capture in 1758
        HMS London (1759) was a 6-gun busse purchased in 1759 and in the records until 1764
        HMS London (1766) was a 90-gun second rate, launched in 1766 and broken up in 1811
        HMS London was to have been a 104-gun first rate: she was renamed HMS Royal Adelaide in 1827, launched in 1828, and sold in 1905
        HMS London (1840) was a 92-gun second rate launched in 1840: converted to screw propulsion in 1858 and rearmed to 72 guns, became a harbour storeship in 1874 and sold in 1884
        HMS London (1899) was a Formidable-class battleship launched in 1899, converted to a minelayer in 1918 and sold in 1920
        HMS London (69) was a County-class heavy cruiser launched in 1927 and sold in 1950
        HMS London (D16) was a County-class guided missile destroyer launched in 1961 and transferred to Pakistan in 1982, where she was renamed Babur
        HMS London (F95) was a Type 22 frigate launched in 1984, sold to Romania in 2002 and renamed Regina Maria
        HMS London will be the name of one of the eight Type 26 frigates

        • ‘HMS Loyal London (1666) was a 96-gun second-rate ship launched in 1666: she was partly destroyed by fire by the Dutch in the Medway in 1667, but the remains were rebuilt becoming the next HMS London”

          She was to be named with the ‘Loyal’ prefix again but the City failed to stump the cash so Charles II had the Loyal removed.

      • Steve.

        I’m a Londoner. At least insofar as I was born there

        There the similarity ends.

        Some even wanted London to break away after the referendum with Khan as president.

        Says EVERYTHING anyone needs to know about patriotism and pride in ones country in parts of modern Britain today.

        • It’s more for the City than the Metropolitan London. It’s about appealing to the more rooted parts of our society and culture than appealing to transient ones like Khan and those thinks for which he stands.

          I would have gone with another tranche names to be honest. And then if we had done that I wouldn’t have been surprised if one hadn’t been named London.

    • i’d rather see a ship named gibraltar (one in in the eye for the spanish). the type 31’s named the ‘admiral class would go down pretty well anson,blake collingwood, hardy, fisher e.t. a nod to the past.

  3. Painful seeing May singing the military’s praises last night at that speech while she has presided over its demise

  4. What a problem for the UK Government? Crashing out of the EU now looks more likely than reaching an agreement with Brussels? Such a decision could have a drawdown on Sterling, if only initially, and that could create a domino effect on all departmental government spending? However, a go it alone UK will need to ensure the RN maintains, and if possible, expands its role in order to truly operate globally. I firmly believe trade and military compacts are in some cases inseparable, as we are witnessing in Oman and other Middle East countries. With increasing tensions in the Far East, the RN may need to deploy into that region, in greater numbers, if and when required. All that will cost, and someone in Number Ten will have to make tough choices on which of the three services best meets a post-Brexit World policy?

    • Our major naval ally doesn’t belong to the EU so no problem.

      We already operate globally. A prudent government would divert some of the money that went to our EU Danegeld to the RN and RAF…..

      The biggest currency threat to us is the Euro going plop not Sterling.

      War with China is a long way off. And I expect we will be there to help the US, Japan, and South Korea if it does happen. I expect the Germans and French will be elsewhere………

      Are you just ill informed or not very good at trolling?

      How dare you disparage my country this week of all weeks?

      • china is an overblown story with nothing to back up the issue, just because they’ve lots of everything doesn’t make them any kind of a threat. they are like russia build, build , build, but when the money’s gone, they’ll be left with a mountain of unused junk.

        • We should revote to stay in the EU then to prove our love e of all things European name the three remaining unnamed frigates… HMS BRUSSELS… HMS PARIS & HMS BERLIN

        • I think China is overblown too. As I have said before the balance in the Pacific is more about the US losing it than China gaining it.

        • I’m not sure how you reach that conclusion.

          China has an aggressive expansionist foreign policy, buying control of nation states, investing heavily in an already massive military, printing and loaning money to its nationals to spend domestically and globally with no prospect of it being fully repaid, a deliberate policy to make them too big to fail. Their provocative stance over the South China Sea is one of many examples of their overt aggression.
          Russia is a danger as it is severely wounded with no realistic prospect of recovery, but my main concern since the late 80s has been China.
          I would respectfully say if you cannot see any problems with China, you are not looking very hard.

      • I’m not ill-informed as you so rudely accuse me of being. Who gave you license to judge so smugly on someone else’s opinion? I’m acutely aware of the RN’s current operational reach. If Brexit happens then I fear the current fleet is not big enough to do the job in a post-exit era. Money could be short for a number of years, and some services could be hit with Treasury cuts? The point I made; should the Navy get dispensation is based on the new future needs of UK plc? Unless you are one of the voices that don’t colorate foreign trade with military policy? I also don’t agree about the currency issue either. A run on the Pound is far more likely than the demise of the EURO in the immediate future. Ordering new vessels takes years from the decision to build through to commissioning, and that is the reason for my blog.

        If you don’t believe China is of immediate concern, I feel certain it will be, and sooner than your ‘Home Counties’ viewpoint’ predicts.

  5. I had a thought….and double checked.

    The 8th T22 was also HMS London.

    First that departed from the B name convention.


    • Could be, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a deliberate nod to the previous London.

      As a side note, originally, it was meant to be ‘Bloodhound’, which along with ‘Broadsword’, and ‘Battleaxe’ are some of my favourite names from the B convention. Doubt they’d use them today though.

      • Agree. I liked the batch 1 and 2 T22 names, though not so much Beaver!

        London was with the replacement Coventry in Sheffield.

        Didn’t know about Bloodhound, great name pity it was not used.

        I prefer those B names than the town city ones for T26 if I’m honest.

        • I remember actually reading ‘that letter’ in the Navy News to do with ship names when it was published.

          Nobody really reads the NN, but they do super cutaway drawings.

        • Nothing wrong with Beaver…”Happiness is a Wet Beaver” ( its a make of wet suit) was the sticker plastered all over the offices and spaces onboard. She was a great ship( I paid her off) and 2nd only to Bulwark in the best ships I served on.
          Brazen was another good name …the Helo being called Hussy and the wrens ( Brazen being the second RN vessel to go mixed crew) embracing the nickname of Hussies when they joined.

    • No. The last London had just been de-commissioned. There wasn’t one in the fleet. Probably somebody in Mrs Thatcher’s administration thought it would be a good move.

      • The “London” I remember was sold or given to Pakistan years ago. hence my earlier reference to “Londonistan”.
        Pakistan, India, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Romania, Canada and various other Countries have been happy recipients of our brilliantly designed and built ships for decades just look at Hermes, such a long and Glorious life It makes me wonder just why we get rid, so soon. Oh and , don’t even mention “Ocean”. ” Built to commercial standards ” blah blah blah. “End of her useful life ” blah blah blah. not required now that we have a 4 Billion £££££ aircraft carrier to take up her workload . Oh and another thing, 3 “Invincible ” class “Through deck Cruisers” plus “Ocean” can, If I’m not mistaken, be In more places than one QE class. (whilst the other Is being refitted or just moored up in port). As much as I’m really made up having these great big and amazing Ships, I’m also a tad miffed as to the Thinking behind It All.
        Then Again, it’s not those who make these Decisions that tend to Spill their Blood when It all goes Pete Tong. Is It ?

        • There were several ways the RN could have gone. They went with carriers. It has been suggested that perhaps without the carriers to defend there would have been even fewer escorts which I can’t see really but apparently there is some truth to it.

          Ocean was worn out. She will built very much to a price. Brazil has a large and cheap engineering base capable of keeping her going for a while. She proved that we should have had two LPH built to naval standards. Or perhaps we should have built 3 and never built the LPD’s. Or built LHA’s. We need new big fast dock ships to accompany the carriers and new RFA dock vessel too. Among other things……..

          • Hello Steve, “Ocean was worn out” you say, well yes and that’s because she was well used, It’s not like she wasn’t doing a fantastic job, She was being used to do lots of work that over night seems to have Vanished completely. Dare I compare her to Nimrod ? Heaven forbid the Government decide that an “Ocean” actually might be required In a few years time. P8’s and all that.

  6. Let’s hope that this is a message we are definitely getting all 8 due to all the uncertainty.
    Now to see what we will be getting from T31. No news for a while now and yet only a few months away from needing a decision. I have come round to them being lightly armed now as long as they can be quickly up armed if conflict comes. I just hope we get something with some asw ability due to T26 and Poseidon numbers being low. Reused 4.5” gun, 12 seaceptor and some box launches asm, but space to add additional seaceptor or mk41 if required.

    • I noted in the other thread on the Russian carrier they used the term ” ships of the 1st rank”

      Did they mean capital ships or their best assets.

      Either way, id like to see T31 in as great a number as we can build and man.

      Let’s build up some numbers in the RN, along with more personnel, so our “1st Rank” assets are not frittered away individually around the world.

      • I agree, and I like the idea of the ‘Commonwealth Class’. let’s have them posted around the world to support our commonwealth friends where needed. How about a GP batch for this to start, then a second batch of 5 ASW versions for home waters protection and North Sea patrol?

    • i’m still of the opinion that the type 31 is a smokescreen, and won’t happen, the way the t31 issue is being drip fed to the nation doesn’t bode well.

  7. In other news the Norwegian frigate that was rammed is now fully submerged. So I’m assuming is a write off for someones insurance company.

      • It’s an expensive blunder. I don’t understand when oil rigs and large cargo ships know they cannot slow down or change direction easily how do they manage to avoid each other in busy sea lanes, yet this is the third collision with a large warship in just over a year. Are warships expecting large vessels to steer out of their way and not adjusting their own course until its too late?

        • I think our cruise ship sailed that stretch of water into Bergen.

          There did not seem to be much room as far as my inexperienced eyes could tell, especially with cruise liners and tankers using it.

  8. It is mental, the T23 refits have been so extensive they may as well be new ships and the costs of the refits are probably not much lower than the proposed £250mm of the T31. So have the RN really saved anything by delaying their replacement. I think the answer is a solid no.

    • Kick it down the road is always the way these days. They try to run governments like PLC’s and I think the latter isn’t the best way to run some big companies. I remember working for a large PLC where we were denied purchasing certain equipment, but then had to hire it to meet targets, and then got moaned at for hiring the equipment. Administrations are short term-ist because they know the public has only two choices. Throw in some spreadsheet accounting and you have problems. The Chinese had the right idea.

  9. Excuse me folks. As the class is to based at HMNB Devonport I really do think an HMS PLYMOUTH should be in there. All agreed. Excellent!

  10. How about HMS Appledore ? as a farewell to the last English Warship builder capable of actually Building complete Ships. Just thinking about the demise of our Ship building capabilities south of the Border and I tell you what Guys, It’s Unbelievable really.


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