Two Russian pilots killed in helicopter crash in Syria

Two Russian pilots have died in a helicopter crash over rebel territory in Syria it has been reported.

Investment boost for future home of the UK’s F-35’s

The MoD has announced contracts worth £167 million to upgrade and build new facilities at RAF Marham, the future home of the UK’s F-35 fleet.

Syrian jet downed near Aleppo

A combat aircraft belonging to the Syrian government was reportedly shot down on Tuesday by a surface to air missile.

Kuwait joins Typhoon family

Kuwait becomes the eighth country to invest in Typhoon combat aircraft.

UK cancels F-35 purchase

Citing multiple issues, the United Kingdom have announced their intention to scrap plans to purchase F-35.

RAF Lossiemouth prepares for Exercise Joint Warrior

The exercise will involve more than 31 warships and submarines, 60 aircraft, and a total of around 6500 personnel from 14 participating nations.

F-35 making ‘solid progress’

US Navy and US Air Force officials said "our overall assessment is that the F-35 is making solid progress across the board".

F-35 costs continue to fall

New spending report also shows steady cost drop for all variants of the F-35.

Stackley: Marines “absolutely love” the F-35

The F-35 "was designed and built for the future, for high-end threat."

F-35 to significantly drop in price by 2019

Jeff Babione, Lockheed Martin's programme manager for the F-35, told reporters that the cost of the F-35A will drop to about $85 million by 2019.



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