Britain to purchase high altitude surveillance aircraft

Britain is to purchase two solar powered Zephyr 8 unmanned surveillance aircraft from Airbus. Zephyr is unique aircraft that offers a satellite like capability to provide...

RAF pilot lands jet despite loss of eyesight

An RAF pilot was guided into landing his jet by a colleague in another aircraft after suffering a loss of vision it has been reported.

What is SPEAR Cap 3 and why is it important?

SPEAR Cap 3 is a medium-range, mini-cruise missile designed for internal carriage by the F-35 for use against a wide array of targets on land and at sea.

The F-35 ejector seat non-issue

"A range of ejector seat design solutions are being developed and these are expected to be in place before the aircraft enters service in the UK."

British and American F-35’s headed to UK air shows

At least one British F-35 will join US Marine Corps aircraft and participate in air shows this year.

F-35 meets 2015 goals

The US Department of Defence accepted its 45th F-35 aircraft delivery for 2015, meeting the production goal for the year.

RAF to step up air strikes against Islamic State

Air strikes to now focus on hitting command centres and supply lines while continuing to avoid civilian casualties. RAF combat aircraft have already stepped up...

Plans to develop new anti-ship missile move forward

The jointly developed anti-ship missile will replace Harpoon in British service and Exocet in French service.

Who is responsible for Search and Rescue in the UK now?

Bristow Helicopters was awarded the contract to provide search and rescue helicopter services for the UK in 2013.

RAF Puma Squadron marks 100 years

January the 12th 2016 marked 100 years since the formation of the Royal Air Force’s 33 Squadron. The squadron was formed in Filton, England in...



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