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Study finds UK is second most powerful country in the world

Research conducted by European Geostrategy has revealed that the United Kingdom is still a global power, coming second only to the United States.

UK ranked second most powerful country in the world

The 'Audit of Geopolitical Capability 2019' reveals that the major Western democracies still hold a substantial lead.

The myths surrounding the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers

No aircraft, no escorts, no kettles. How much truth can be found in the many myths surrounding HMS Queen Elizabeth and her sister HMS Prince of Wales?

The Type 26 Frigate could be the most capable Royal Navy warship in decades if funded properly

The Type 26 Frigate, or 'City class', represents one of the most capable warships the Royal Navy has owned in decades, albeit one of the most costly.

Who you should be following in the UK defence community

This list is intended to highlight people we believe are worth following to get a wider and informed perspective on UK defence matters.

Challenger 2, the wrong tank for the British Army?

The UK now fields only 227 main battle tanks, a far cry from the 900 or so strong inventory only a couple of decades ago.

Argentina has now ceased to be a capable military power

After a significant period of decline, Argentina has ceased to be a capable military force.

Why the size of the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers makes them a ‘conventional deterrent’

So great is the impact of larger aircraft carriers as a visible deterrent, they're often used as a geopolitical chess piece.

A Guide to the Type 26 ‘City class’ Frigate

The Type 26 frigate represents the future backbone of the Royal Navy and a massive leap forward in terms of flexibility of surface vessels enjoyed by the service.

The Five Eyes – The Intelligence Alliance of the Anglosphere

The Five Eyes brings the UK, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand into the world's most complete and comprehensive intelligence alliance.



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