No, America doesn’t control Britain’s nuclear weapons

It's a common myth that the United States has control over the UK's Trident missile system, that is not the case.

The impact of HMS Queen Elizabeth on British international relations

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her sister are symbols of national power due to their ability to project power and capability all over the world.

Is there a case to be made for smaller carriers?

For the last year newspapers, magazines and websites – including this one - have been filled with impressive photographs of the Royal Navy's two new carriers - HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales – commonly referred to as the Queen Elizabeth Class. 

The Type 31 Frigate: A Critical Analysis

A cheaper and general purpose frigate is the tagline that describes the Type 31 frigate, it has also been called the child of austerity but it could be more than it, it could be a ticking timebomb for the Royal Navy.

Australia ordering more Type 26 Frigates than the UK is not ’embarrassing’ – here’s...

With some commentators, rightly or wrongly, arguing that it's "embarrassing" the Royal Australian Navy will be ordering more Type 26 Frigates than the Royal Navy, some perspective is key. 

Study ranks Britain ‘second most powerful country in the world’

New research by a geopolitical think-tank makes the case that Britain is second only to the United States as a global power.

What kind of aircraft and how many of them will HMS Queen Elizabeth carry?

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the largest and most powerful warship ever constructed for the Royal Navy, but what will she carry?

Britain was right to sink the Belgrano

"It was absolutely not a war crime. It was an act of war, lamentably legal" said the Belgrano's Captain, Hector Bonzo.

Tempest – A look at what Britain’s next generation combat jet could be

At the Farnborough International Air Show a next generation fighter concept model called 'Tempest' was revealed.

138 UK F-35 Lightnings, do we still need them? – A personal view

138 F-35s over the "life of the programme", do we need that many and how long is that? The author of this article, David Anthony Simpson, served for over 25 years as an RAF pilot, in executive flying appointments and as a senior staff officer.



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