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A look at British ships in the Brazilian fleet

The sale of HMS Ocean to Brazil's navy was one more British hull going to serve under the Brazilian flag, joining her sisters that are already part of that naval force.

The UK in Oman – A new support facility for the British Armed Forces

Britain is consolidating a new support facility in the Sultanate of Oman, a historic British ally and partner. Alongside HMS Juffair, the Duqm Port facility is set to enhance Britain’s military capabilities in the Middle East and wider Indian Ocean.

A look at the considered locations for new British military bases overseas

Going 'global' is an exercise of prudence and brings as many questions as it solves, only with a clear strategy will the new bases overseas will bring benefits to Britain’s global objectives.

Why are nuclear submarines based on the Clyde?

The reason for Faslane hosting the UK’s nuclear submarines is often the subject of conspiracy theories, but what is the reality?

A guide to the UK’s RC-135 Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft

The United Kingdom purchased three KC-135R aircraft for conversion to RC-135W Rivet Joint standard under the Airseeker project, let's take a closer look.

Queen Elizabeth class carriers – A symbol of military power

Aircraft carriers are a symbol of national status, the technical capability required to build them and the resources required to operate them globally aren't reachable for most nations.

Exclusive look at HMS Clyde in the Falkland Islands

In an exclusive interview, the captain of HMS Clyde described the purpose the Royal Navy serves to the Falkland Islands.

How does HMS Queen Elizabeth compare to the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov?

The Russian carrier is designed to lead a flotilla of vessels or operate solo while keeping enemy fleet at bay using its anti-ship missiles and using its aircraft to deter enemy aircraft.

Who’s afraid of the ‘C word’? – A corvette based solution to the Royal Navy’s frigate problem

One thing is certain about the planned Type 31 Frigate for the Royal Navy – there is no consensus on what it should be or what it should do.

The future of British shipbuilding, marching towards a steady drumbeat?

Shipbuilding in the UK, depending on who you ask, is either at the cusp of a renaissance or doomed. So we asked someone in the know.



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