An Essential Alliance: NATO and the nuclear sharing bond

On the surface, NATO Nuclear Sharing arrangements play a negligible role in the security of the independently armed United Kingdom but there's more to it.

NATO needs a new Maritime Strategy for its Northern Flank

NATO's naval power offers much potential to deter and – if necessary – help combat Russia.

Could keeping HMS Ark Royal have prevented the Falklands War?

Retaining HMS Ark Royal, an Audacious class aircraft carrier, would have been beneficial in the Falklands War and perhaps even prevented it.

Why the US Navy’s ambitious 350 ship fleet should including purchasing Queen Elizabeth class-like...

President Trump has recently set out plans to build a 350 ship fleet, should vessels similar to the Queen Elizabeth class be part of that?

Proposed defence cuts could signal decline of British global capability

Britain could enter into a period of relative military decline and without a fresh strategic defence review, there is fear this decline will become irreversible which will impact on our standing in the international arena.

The New Entente Cordiale: An Alliance for the 21st Century

Such are Anglo-French relations, imperfect and uneasy, but when the situation has seemed bleakest, we stand together as equals.

Potential MoD cuts places British role as a Global Power in doubt

There are planned defence cuts which may see the British Army shrink even further from the 82,000 regular personnel it currently has.

The need for a new ‘budget’ helicopter carrier

The sale of HMS Ocean to Brazil for £84 million marks the day in which British maritime capabilities are changing, do we require a new 'budget' helicopter carrier?

Should we be concerned about the leak found on HMS Queen Elizabeth?

Issues like this occur often on vessels of all types, especially during a phase of their life designed to identify and rectify faults. This is not a serious concern.

The UK needs a new Strategic Defence and Security Review

While it is the case that Britain only had a Strategic Defence and Security Review in 2015 circumstances have clearly changed.



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