Rising tensions boost military spend on Electronic Warfare equipment

Evolving threat landscapes and impending modernisation of military aircraft will sustain demand for new, improved EW systems.

Fortress Bermuda – Four centuries guarding Britain’s interests overseas

In 1995, when Britain closed its last naval facility on the islands, Bermuda had given almost four centuries of ceaseless contributions to British interests.

What are Norwegian F-35s doing in Iceland?

The Royal Norwegian Air Force F-35 detachment conducting NATO's air mission in Iceland presented their activities to the media at Keflavik Air Base last week.

No, Royal Marines did not forcibly take Coronavirus equipment from Scotland for England

A viral tweet has claimed that Royal Marines have forcibly removed medical equipment from Dundee to be used in England in the fight against Coronavirus.

Improving the Type 45 Destroyer

At the launch of the first Type 45 Destroyer, the then First Sea Lord Admiral declared that she would be the world's best air-defence ship.

Ministry of Defence wasted £9 million in ‘fruitless payments’

The Ministry of Defence have spent £9 million on "fruitless payments" between 2016 and 2019, including developing unused software, paying rent on demolished properties and paying contractors to do nothing.

RAF aircraft over Glasgow sparks odd speculation in local media

Despite provocative headlines to the contrary, the aircraft that was conducting training in and around Glasgow Airport was not "mysterious", "unmarked" or anything at all to do with the "Coronavirus lockdown".

Three days in Tallinn – how Estonia does Cyber defence

From the moment Estonia joined NATO in 2004, it was warning that the alliance was not prepared to counter emerging threats from cyber warfare. According to officials in Tallinn, these warnings were repeatedly ignored.

BALTIC PROTECTOR – British Defence in the Baltics

Solidified with Operation BALTIC PROTECTOR this summer, the UK has underscored its continued presence in this increasingly strategic region.

Why does the RAF intercept aircraft outside sovereign UK airspace?

Protecting UK airspace is the RAF’s most important role and one of the reasons it was formed in 1918.



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