Pool Re, a terrorism reinsurer, has announced the publication of its latest Terrorism Frequency Report.

The report is one of their regular reviews of the contemporary threat which is produced by Pool Re’s in-house Terrorism Risk and Analysis Centre (TRAC).

The report includes an assessment of ideological trends and processes in terrorist radicalisation written by the Director of International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute.

Dr Raffaello Pantucci, a noted expert on counter terrorism, also remarks on a number of emerging trends in terrorism prevention:

  • The increased role and visibility of women among Islamist terror organisations, serving as leading propagandists and even in frontline attack cells.
  • The changing demographic profile of extreme right-wing groups (“XRW”). The rise of groups such as National Action, with many young male and female members, means the stereotype of the elderly white men is outdated and XRW groups now resemble Islamist groups in composition.
  • XRW cells have also adopted Islamist language, with rallying cries of “white jihad” and calls for stabbing attacks to take place.
  • Growth of online social communities, providing an environment where fringe micro-ideologies can come to dominate.

In addition to Dr Pantucci’s work on the changing patterns of radicalisation, the Pool Re analysis and research team examine:

  • The phenomenon of extreme left-wing (“XLW”) terrorism which, at present, is not considered to present a significant terror threat to the UK, but may experience a resurgence due to the rising prominence of ecological and inequality questions in public discourse;
  • Right-wing terrorists, who account for a small proportion of attacks globally but have been on the rise in recent years across the West;
  • The status of the current threat from dissident Irish republican movements;
  • An in-depth review of significant terrorist incidents globally from February to May, 2019.

The Terrorism Frequency Report is available here.

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Surely in the UK it’s the LWX causing the problems. Closing down free speech and threatening visiting speakers at universities?

What do the right wingers do, walk down streets shouting then go to the pub. Oh, they might also broadcast how multiculturalism is richly blessing our society, warts and all, and that dear friends – the truth – is the greatest terrorist threat of all.


Yes it’s embarrassing. They are desperate to make ‘right wing people’ the equal of Islamic terrorists. I suppose from some left wing driven desire to prove that they aren’t racist for targeting Muslims. Issue is, there are significantly more people who are likely to commit or sympathise with terrorism who follow the Islamic faith than there are those who do not. Also considering population sizes, the percentage of those is significantly higher. Yes a lot of native people are irritated by mass immigration, the over promotion of homosexuality and other such ideals, but it’s quite a step to say that… Read more »

Matt C

“elderly white male”

pRoFiLiNg Is RaCiSt!


RWX is just a natural reaction to a civilisation under threat and, dare I say it, under siege.
Take away freedom of speech, destroy communities, replace art and culture, gag the populous, devolve the family unit….
All this without any thought or consideration to what the indigenous populations thinks, I mean, yea. Someone is gonna get angry. Especially when taking about the erosion of our identity is indeed almost off topic and even frowned upon!
Deal with the root problems from government down to local communities
Don’t silence the masses or make their argument not even valid

Alan Garner

I don’t even think there is an extreme right wing movement of any note in the UK. Unlike elsewhere, right wing politics have never gained traction in this country, something Britain should be very proud of. Such disproportionate focus on a somewhat fabricated bogeyman rather than a demonstrable threat does more to demonstrate the politics of this organisation than anything else.


The left are desperate to portray Nigel Farage as extreme right wing, and they are desperate to try and portray any issues they don’t agree with as extreme right wing, despite, as you so eloquently say, that the extreme right in the UK is pretty much non existent. I suppose hence their desire to reclassify extreme right as anyone/thing who disagrees with lliberal left wing philosophy.


The trouble is that political correctness refuses to deal properly with Islamofacism, so it invents a white supremacist “phantom menace”, to appease its diversity god.
I am not saying there aren’t some unpleasant right wingers out there, but they tend to be “all mouth & no trousers”, thank goodness. Those few that have turned violent have been loners with mental health issues, rather than a large conspiracy.


You can’t really deal with Islamofascism because mainstream Sunni and Shia theology has always been and is political and both religio-political dimensions see violence and coercion as perfectly justifiable means to an end. Yes, there are abberations to this and volent pursuit isn’t always employed, notably in regions where it would be counterproductive or the Umma is relatively weak, such as Europe, but remember this wasn’t always the case. Dealing with this issue means “dealing” with Islam, what’s the government going to do and what can it do without oppressing British subjects and introducing greater thought control than they already… Read more »


I read the book “Islam without extremes” by Mustafa Akyol. For a non muslim, it is great introduction to the long battle in Islam between moderates & extremists. He names the Murjiites. “Postponers” : a school of theology in early Islam that promoted pluralism by saying that theological disputes should be “postponed” to the afterlife to be settled by God. Also the Mutazilites. Followers of a school of theology in early Islam that defended free will and emphasized the legitimate role of reason as well as revelation in the pursuit of truth. Their membership declined after the third century of… Read more »


So right wing extremists get the excuse of mental health issues rather than a twisted ideology?

Do you not think that for anyone to be willing to commit atrocities in the name of any belief must have some mental health issues? Its not the actions of a rationale person.


Of course there are nasty right wingers with ugly beliefs, but elderly, right wing white males did not hijack airliners & crash them into buildings. Nor did they gun attack Paris & kill over 100. Or blow up tube trains & a bus in London, killing 50. Or kill 20+ youngster at a venue in Manchester. Or knife people in Borough Market.
Trying to say the 2 threats are equal, may please virtue signalling leftie elites, but denies reality.


It used to be immigrants would come to a country like America or the UK and be so grateful that they would adopt their new home’s traditions and values. That’s what my Grandfather did when he came to America all those years ago. Now days immigrants want to turn their new home into a carbon copy of where they were fleeing from. They don’t want to give up 1 thing from their previous life no matter how that effects everyone else. And anyone that speaks out against what these people are doing is labeled a racist and intolerant. But it… Read more »