The Royal Navy’s Future Frigates – An Analysis

In this submission to the UK Defence Journal, Kelvin Curnow takes a look at the Type 26 and Type 31 Frigate programmes.

The fall of Singapore: An avoidable catastrophe?

The Fall of Singapore represented the collapse of British influence in South East Asia, and severely diminished the British Empire's Asia-Pacific clout.

Was Trump responsible for cutting the cost of the F-35?

No, it's something that has happened frequently with the F-35 for years now and would have happened again anyway. Even in 2015, Lockheed Martin was following a 'blueprint' to drive down costs.

Ascension Island and Britain’s presence in the South Atlantic

Ascension has a long military history under the Union Flag, being crucial for many military operations since the nineteenth century, including the Royal Navy’s campaign against the slave trade and in the Falklands War.

A who’s who of A400M Atlas operators

With the A400M rapidly maturing, let's take a look at what different air forces have been using the air-lifter for.

Suitability of British Defence Policy in the 21st Century

In this article we explore the suitability of Defence Policy in the 21st Century by considering its design, application and relevance in the modern era.

The case for a new amphibious assault ship to replace HMS Ocean

The problem? The cost in gold and people makes all this very unlikely.

What kind of aircraft and how many of them will HMS Queen Elizabeth carry?

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the largest and most powerful warship ever constructed for the Royal Navy, but what will she carry?

Global Britain needs reliable allies

It is vital that we pick our allies carefully, especially when it comes to unstable regions. 

Has the Clyde really been betrayed over the Type 31 Frigate or is there...

With the news that BAE don't intend to assemble the Type 31 Frigate on the Clyde, we ask if the yards have really been betrayed or is this a result of a shifting shipbuilding strategy?



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