Cyber needs to be centre stage for every world leader

It seems every day brings news of another high-profile cyberattack or intrusion affecting our personal data, national security or the very integrity and availability of the institutions and infrastructure on which we depend.

NATO working on cyber attack trigger for Article 5

NATO countries are working to determine when a cyber attack would trigger the collective defence provision in the alliance’s charter, a US general has said.

UK to ‘step up’ cyber defence capabilities

British cyber defence capability is to get a boost, following the opening of a new Defence Cyber School at the Defence Academy, say the MoD.

Military intelligence chief warns Russia could ‘cripple’ British infrastructure with cyber attacks

Commander of the UK's Joint Forces Command, General Sir Chris Deverell, warned against Russian cyber activity and claimed that Russia "demonstrated the intent to do us harm".

MPs ‘widely and routinely’ breaching data protection and cyber security policies

Member of Parliament Nadine Dorries has sparked widespread concern after claiming it was common practice for MPs to share computer log-in details with staff and interns.

ADS Group solves email deliverability issues and combats phishing with OnDMARC

ADS Group is a UK‐based trade organisation that represents the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors, with membership made up of over 1,000 UK...

BSI revise guidance for information security management

BSI, the business standards company, has revised its guidance standard for information security management systems.

Home Secretary: ‘Real people’ don’t need end-to-end encryption

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has made remarks suggesting a shocking misunderstanding of messaging apps that use end-to-end encryption, saying that it aids terrorism.

ClearSky & Trend Micro track politically motivated global Cyber Attacks

A new report on the group known as "CopyKittens" details its increased Cyber Attack activity in support of its political ambitions.

US Naval Academy graduates first cyber operations Midshipmen

The first 27 of the US Naval Academy’s cyber operations majors graduate this week.



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