WATCH: British Army Rocket Artillery in action

Gunners from 101 (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery and 1 Regiment Royal Horse Artillery on exercise at the Otterburn Ranges in the north of England.

WATCH: British Army – Ex Trident Juncture

B Coy from the Royal Irish regiment travel in a Foxhound light mechanised vehicle to seek out and engage the enemy during Ex Trident Juncture 15 in Spain.

Final Army units to return from Germany in 2019

The final units based around Paderborn and Sennelager in Germany will return home to Salisbury Plain in the final phase of the Army Basing Programme.

British troops to remain in Afghanistan until 2016

British forces will stay in Afghanistan to 2016 due to Afghan forces struggling to provide complete security in the wake of increasing Taliban offensives.

UK forces begin training Iraq in counter-IED tactics

UK personnel are now providing counter-Improvised Explosive Devices training to members of the Iraqi Security Forces in Iraq.

British armoured battlegroup exercise in Poland

The UK has deployed around 800 troops and more than 130 vehicles, including Challenger tanks, to Exercise Dragon in Poland.

British troops to deploy to the Baltic region

Britain is to make a "long-term" deployment of troops to the Baltic region, to "watch over allies on the eastern borders".

British troops threatened with “fire and bloodshed”

Terrorist group al-Shabaab has threatened bloodshed as they vowed violence against British troops when they arrive in Somalia for peacekeeping operations.

Queen to visit Leuchars, rename the base Waterloo Barracks

The Queen will visit the former RAF station at Leuchars today and rename the base Waterloo Barracks as the army continue to move in.

British troops heading for Somalia and South Sudan

The Prime Minister is to announce plans for British troops to join peacekeeping operations in Somalia and South Sudan at a UN event in New York today.



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