The National reported the following to the fury of its followers on social media.

A few days ago I put together a tongue in cheek article explaining that this has happened and why it is entirely a non-story because I predicted ‘The National’ would jump at the chance to report that the UK had attacked Scotland. Fast forward a few days later and one of their reporters put this together.

The island was Garvie Island, a barren and rocky outcrop the size of a ship. The island is used as a target for a range of training operations and is the only place in the Northern Hemisphere where NATO forces combine land, air and sea capabilities in deploying ordnance up to 1,000-pounds (450 kg). The Island is part of the Cape Wrath training area and is separated from the rest of the mainland by the Kyle of Durness stretch of water.

It’s not used if sea birds are present at certain times of the year.

We weren’t the only ones that noted issues with the article, there are scores of responses questioning the piece, the motive behind the headline and the relevance of reporting an activity that has been going on for 100 or so years.

The original article had also misplaced the island but we corrected The National on this (they apparently think we’re the MoD?).

However, the responses were genuinely bizarre.

I started today in a good mood so I’m not going to continue reading the fantastical responses, if you’re interested go have a look.

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Daniele Mandelli

Why am I not surprised.


Well lots of contributors on here said somebody would bite…and they did!

Jason Holmes

I hope it was a Scottish pilot involved!

Alan Reid

Is it just possible that more than a few of our fellow Scots – serving with the RN/RAF – might have been involved in this weapons exercise !?!

Alan Reid

Unfortunately, bogus grievance and gripe is food and drink to separatism.


I just read the comments on that article, quite funny really. Anyone who tried to correct them just got abused by the Nat supporting majority. I have no idea why people only want to hear news that supports their existing views, it does nothing to foster debate or expand your understanding.

Alan Reid

Can you believe this tweet, Rob !?!
“OMG!!! How stupid! I hope the people are safe and ok”.


Unbelievable. I made a joking reference in this regard concerning the SNP headquarters for which I afterwards apologised. Funny how now they are happy to say The RAF did the bombing but when they assisted the Scottish government in Covid and other rescue matters, Mrs Sturgeon referred to them as “The Military”

Barry Larking

They really don’t need to be encouraged.


Lets take a step back and look at this story with a clear mind and from a distance. The original headline that the RAF had bombed a Scottish island was written on a military blog called UKdefense journal . Above the Author admits to have written the tongue in cheek article in which to inflame the minds of the Scottish. I’m sorry, but how can you express outrage regards an article designed to garner outrage simply to improve your standing generating clickbait. If you wish to be taken seriously then it would help if you acted your age and not… Read more »


If your going to post click bait don’t be surprised when people bight. It’s easy for you to say its tung and cheek Perhaps the people living in the north coast can rightly as why their back garden is the only place in Europe people can drop two thousand pound bombs or build experimental fast breaded reactors.


There are sites in England where live ordinance is fired-Salisbury Plain being one that comes to mind

Daniele Mandelli

Of course geoff, plenty.

And stuff like this

One must never fall for the old claim its all away from London in the depths of Scotland because the English do not care nonsense.

Supportive Bloke

Actually I think it’s very funny.

George has rather exposed how facile the NAT brigade are.

Andy P

Oh dear, I don’t think anyone comes out of this looking good.


Laughably predictable but i won’t be going to their website because:
a) it puts money in their pocket
b) i already have a migraine and their stupidity might finish me off.


Well at least they hit it.


#rocklivesmatter. lol


What about the poor sea birds, one minute their sat around chatting about cliff living and fish, the next they get taken out by a 5th generation stealth fighter…..

Daniele Mandelli

Agree, its sad. The article says they avoid breeding season. I know on Donna Nook they are careful to spot any seals before ordnance is dropped.

John Clark

Lord, I had a quick read through, what a load of misinformed and rabidly anti English toss….

If I could be arsed, I would join in the rant and claim it was English retaliation for Scottish tramps throwing empty Special brew cans in English rivers!

Phillip Weatherhead

As Soldier I built, helped build, a road in the village of stronian and a bridge to allow a crofter to get coal. were these against the wishes of the Scots people, doubt it we were invited


Nice to see newspapers all over the world are only good for fish wrap.


The times is not to bad, but generally I find most newspapers are only really useful when you break a glass and wish to dispose of it in a socially acceptable way…..ohhh and also handy when you run out of firefighters as well.


Uhh you can squish them all up with water to make handy reserve logs for the fire as well. Or emergency insolation if your stuck on a moor and start to turn a bit blue….

all in all newspapers are great….

just don’t read them or your IQ will melt away.


And to think we’re on the same side. Aren’t we?!!